Notebook question

Are there any rules against turning in more than one journal?

No, as long as the next one is a continuation of the previous and not a separate one.


Nope. Do/turn in as many as you wish


So my teammate and i decided to each do our own separate notebook cause of lockdown stuff and that we each have our own field and we are jsut brainstorming separately, is that okay?

No, that isn’t. The only case where another notebook can be used is when the previous one is filled. There are already a bunch of threads talking about this on the forums.

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They allow printed notebooks this year. I am not 100% sure, but they might not mind if you somehow get the entries from both books in chronological order…

Two separate books with independent design processes is a little rough on the edges and I don’t think it’d sit well with judges. If you two were to keep track of different things it might work out like having a book just for programming or just for a build log ext.

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That is a fair point. It brings up another question, did both notebooks contain two separate design processes, or did they solely contain the brainstorming phase? Even then it wouldn’t be a good situation.

It is us both giving our account on what each practice and build session was, and brainstorming individual suggestions to fix problems

We did this in squared away and one notebook was significantly better than the other one and the judges thought the better one was written by our mentor and the rec DQed us for “violating” the student centered policy


Oof, kinda doubt that will happen since we know the judges at most tourneys