Notebook Table of Contents

We’ve been using the notebook that we got at the beginning of the year, but as of now there is no more space in the table of contents for further entries. We still have ~50 pages left in the notebook.

Do we have to start a new notebook or can we add to the table of contents by taping a piece of paper to the beginning of the notebook?

Tape pages in, it makes a cleaner notebook for a situation that is not uncommon.


This is great solution and permissible. The function of the ToC is to aide the reader (Judges) to find specific content, and to see the overall development of the robot at a glance. If you make standard prefix for entries in the ToC, it will demonstrate that you have a design process that you are following - for example “Problem analysis - cubes slipping”, “Testing - new drive train gearing speed tests”…

Good luck!


I might take a different approach since I’m not a fan of adding or removing pages from an EN. I would make a note at the bottom of the ToC stating that the remainder of the ToC is at the back of the EN (and state the page number). I would then reserve about 5 of the last pages for the rest of the ToC.

This in the Design Award Rubric: “Five (5) points if notebook is bound. Notebook
must have been bound before any entries were made in it.” While it may be OK to tape in additional pages, the team may sacrifice the 5 point bound notebook bonus by doing so. So, if that’s important to the team, I would recommend just using the last few pages of the EN for the ToC.


That should not be the case - if you tape in charts / graphs / code snippets… when taped in, just sign and date along edge. This should never be cause for the bound notebook bonus being lost as this is the practice recommended by VEX/RECF in the engineering notebooks they send to all organizations.

So, I would think that table of content added pages put in this manner should not be cause of loss of bonus point.

If you want an official answer, I would post this question in the Official Judging Q&A on

I’m not entirely sure what is being asked. If there is not more room in the table of contents, where would this information be taped? Maybe I read it wrong, but I got the impression the OP wanted to tape additional pages into the notebook (so adding two pages between page 5 and 6, for example). Adding pages goes against the rubric (no need for a Q&A on that). Taping printed items on a bound page is OK. Can the OP add a little more clarification about what they are thinking about doing?