Notebook Type Poll

It is time to settle this on going debate.

Which type and flavorflavor of notebook do you prefer?


  • Digital
  • Physical
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Flavor of Digital

  • Horizontal Google Slides
  • Vertical Google Slides
  • Google Docs
  • Other (State Below)
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Flavor of Physical

  • Standard Engineering Notebook you buy from VEX
  • Binder with notebook/graphing paper
  • Other (List Below)
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The point of this post is to
A. Help end the debate of which is best, and has proven result.
B. Help new Teams choose what they may want to use if they are lost or confused.

Good luck this season!

How does it really reflect which is best? It just tells you which is popular, not really effective proven result.

Perhaps you can add a poll
Won Design/Excellence at Championship with Digital Notebook…


The debate won’t end. Both have there pros and cons. It’s just people’s preference


Our team is trying out Canva this year

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Interesting concept. I’d like to see how that turns out. It could potentially be a good idea.

This is a really interesting statistic. I am using a vertical Google slides notebook with a template that I found. I don’t love the template though, so for those of you who use a vertical Google slides, would you mind sharing a link to your template?

If you ask me, I feel like teams should use their own prefered method versus everyone using what the majority of people prefer, honestly


Oooh… that’s a really good idea. It’s not a bad site to use.

go to

You will find vertical templates there, as well as, scaled images of most VEX V5 parts.

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@lacsap Yeah, that’s the one I’m using rn and I don’t like how at the bottom of each page it has lines labeled “project” and “name” but no spot for a signature so when I type my own it looks kinda messy. Not that big a deal but it would be really cool if vex would provide a couple template options for teams to chose from.

Agreed. Here’s a topic that shows the pros and cons:


I personally prefer digital because I find it easier to work with, but I believe my team is doing a physical notebook this season. It honestly just up to personal preference. There are many pros and cons to each type and it’s hard to declare one as the better option.

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Very fair point.

I also just wanted to see what people preferred, and thought this thread might turn into something to end said debate.

Both have ups and downs, I personally believe digital, horizontal slide so the way due to many reasons.

But my coach thinks physical is best, just due to her experience. I agree with her for certain situations, some I don’t.


So this may seem a bit wierd but my team we are using the regular notebook from vex but then we use some of the digital notebook drawings or game peices that way we spend less the on drawing and have more time to other things.


Different flavor of digital notebook here…
Our team is trying something out; definitely a bit of a gamble…

We are using a website hosted on GitHub for our notebook (Jekyll).

We are a little nervous that it will be unorthodox enough that judges will have a hard time navigating it. As such, we have spent a lot of time cleaning up the navigation style of the website.


That’s cool. I hope it works out well for your team!

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I bet you can make it work. Look at this one from 7842B. It’s very informative and has been one of my favorite logbooks (not that I have seen many).

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Yup, that is where we got the idea from. :laughing:


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