Notebooking Correctly

So I am on a team and we have never really done a Notebook correctly. We have only just put in the final design. Next year our team wants to focus on doing a Notebook correctly is there any advice you can give on how to do that?

Take advantage of the search bar, many topics have been made on this exact subject.


Here’s a “Creating Design Notebooks” slide deck from last year’s EP Summit that includes some starting points.


if you look it up you can find a Rubric for the note book but yeah look it up next time

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To start, practice including each aspect of the design process. Document what you do from an engineering perspective each meeting. Once you have got that down, then look at the rubric to see what you can improve and practice doing that. Then look online or at sister teams’ notebooks to see what they do and start implementing those things.



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The design award rubric and the judges guide are such helpful tools! Breaking the rubric down into smaller chunks than the general categories can be helpful in finding out what criteria you need to focus on. Your basic rule of thumb for meeting documentation is going to be to include the problems you encounter and the solutions you used to get to that final design.


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