Nothing But Net App

I was wondering when we will be able to get the Vex Nothing But Net app. Every year since Sack Attack they have come out with an app with the scoring calculator and game manual. Does anyone know when this will be available to download? Thanks.

This usually comes out in the summer!

I remember the Skyrise app came out a couple hours after the game release last year, so I was hoping that would be the same this year.

It is already available for Android.

As far as I can tell, it is not available for iOS (yet).

In Skyrise, the scoring calculator was added to the app some time after release, however the current Android version of the NbN app includes a scoring calculator.

What about for Windows Phones? I was annoyed that they didn’t do it last year.:frowning:

Im pretty sure its out

Ok, thank you for the response.

The iOS apps are still awaiting approval from Apple.

Karthik, will there be a version for Windows phones this year?

the app is hinting toward a robot with a ramp!

Please! I need this!

There are no current plans, however if there’s enough demand, it’s something that we can consider. I’m actually a BlackBerry user, so I too understand what it’s like to have a phone that isn’t supported by the app.

The iOS version of the app has been approved and is now available in the App Store!

Thank you, Karthik.