Nothing but net bot pics? Brand new team

I am a brand new advisor! New to teaching and robotics… Anybody care to share a few (need not be detailed) pics of a nothing but net bot?

Our’s is currently in the building process, so we don’t have any pictures to show. However, a quick little search of “vex nothing but net” on YouTube would give you many great designs. There are many kinds out there, such as double flywheels (929), single flywheel (8059), catapult (7682), cam (62), and many more.

here is a link to our teams youtube channel, we try and be informational, there are videos detailing all parts of our robot, some very specifically, we also cover a lot of the science and code that does into this years game

Here is a good thread with Nothing But Net Videos:
As well as a playlist consisting of earlier prototype videos:
A quick google search renders many interesting results:

Good Luck :)](

Thanks for the help! We are getting closer to having something to drive!

Check out our youtube channel (link below).