Nothing But Net Launcher Prototype

Hey everyone! The 1115 teams have decided to show off our prototype launcher we made. Let us know what you think! (We have since then re-designed it. It now easily launches full field and will make it into to 36" goals once we get them).

Here’s the link!:

Wow that looks really effective. You could basically continuously score into the net from your starting tile with that. Did you internally gear your motors for speed?

Why did you choose to use those wheels and what is your gearing ratio?

The motors are currently high torque. The gear ratio was 1:7 compounded to a 3:5 for speed. It used four motors. We used these wheels because they seemed to have enough traction and because they were the first we grabbed.

Have you guys considered using the high speed or turbo motors with a gear ratio of 7:1? Compounding gears externally is generally less efficient power wise than changing the internal gear ratio.

We do not currently have any turbo gears. I believe someone in the club tried a 1:7 launcher and it failed. I am not sure if they used 2 torque motors or 2 high speed motors.

Very nice. Have you tried rigging up a target about the size of the triangular opening of the goal and hitting it?

No, we haven’t tried this. However, we definitely will now! That sounds like an awesome idea! If we end up doing this, I will post it on the 1115 Vex channel.

Nice job guys!

What ball are you using?

If the actual game balls won’t be until the new school year (or summer), any ideas of a good place to buy a stand in ball until then?

They probably used torque, since the high speed 1:1.6 motors would be about a 3:5 ratio, and would likely mirror your results from the compound gear test.

have you tried using your current setup with only two motors or does that no provide enough torque?

Hey, you were the team that was in front of our booth at Worlds.

I tried something similar today, but with only a 7:1 ratio, and the ball launched maybe a foot. Obviously I need more speed. I’ll either compound the ratio to a 21:1 or something, or get and install turbo gears. I’m not sure which would be the most effective and produce the higher rpm

We are using the small green ball from clean sweep.

It did not provide enough torque. It would get spinning but the results were much less successful.

What booth? MY team did not compete at worlds. We did visit though.

In this game so far, the higher the RPM you can produce, the better. I would just keep trying until you get the distance you want.

2323z booth not yours lol.

Aah ok then lol I was a bit confused there

Hey guys.

Here’s a little video of some prototyping we did today.

7:1 gear ratio
5 inch traction wheels
Internal high speed gearing on 393 motors
Max height (45 degree angle): 40 in
Max distance (45 degree angle): 11 ft

Next we’re going for 15:1 with 2 turbo motors. We’ll show you guys how that looks next week.

I don’t remember your number sorry, but if you are from puerto rico then probably, there were only teams from there next to us literally in every direction, I thought it was pretty cool :slight_smile:

was the 11 ft measured when it hit the ground or when the ball fell below 3ft?

I really want to see that. Did you try using any foam on the wheels? One of my teammates thinks that if we move our wheels closer together and remove the foam we will get better results.