Nothing but Net Launcher sharing

I know its early in the season and everyone’s super excited to start testing launching systems and there are already multiple threads sharing videos but I feel that this year teams shouldn’t quite reveal exactly what works and what doesn’t and shouldn’t show there set up. A huge part of vex is designing and crating your own ideas and i feel like if you just share that with everyone no one will try their own ideas and it tends to make the game a lot less fun and challenging. I feel that teams should resist the urge to share their findings until the season has actually starting kicking off and we are pretty far in. What do you guys think?

What is wrong with teams sharing ideas and thoughts on the game? This competition is supposed to be about working together and sharing, so why should we not do this during the design process?

The design is stupidly simple. You can literally Google “Pitching machine,” “Flywheel,” or “FRC 2012” and see how to make the exact specs that people are posting videos of.

The difficulty in this year’s game isn’t building the mechanisms. It’s how you use them. And seeing as no one has yet posted anything beyond a stationary, hand-fed cannon, I can’t see what you’re objecting to.

Engineering is about innovation and problem solving. Many people find a solution to something, and it would be pointless unless they shared their solution to the world. Of course the people who are sharing it still have the advantage because they understand the system better, being the people that tested and built it themselves. People can make breakthroughs and further the process of making a better and better robot than the last.

For example, pivoting claws were a thing pretty early on in Skyrise, and so was a vertical pivoting claw, as that existed somewhere. Suddenly out of nowhere, we see a video from team 62 scoring an entire 7 skyrise in the autonomous with the same ‘design’ from others that we’ve seen before somewhat.

Having already built a launcher that fires (VEX like) balls about 20 feet I can say that it is going to take a lot more than just spinning wheel to make these accurate and reliable. And then to be able to aim them from different ranges.

Making wheels spin fast and fire a ball is the easy bit and yes there are designs from the past all over the web.

The forum is an optional resource. Teams that wish to re-invent the wheel are welcome to isolate themselves from all sources of previous knowledge and exercise their creativity from first principles.

On the other hand, other teams might wish to collaborate with each other, share information, and climb together. From what little I can tell, most teams don’t even know these forums exist or don’t bother participating in them. And it’s not like an idea that’s hot in April will necessarily remain all the rage by August, never mind by March. Even engineering solutions that are “completely spelled out” on the forum will still require heaps of effort to implement and incorporate into a particular design. In my opinion, rather than providing a royal road to learning, the info on the forum acts more like just a ticket to a higher level of learning and competition.

But that’s just my opinion. Nobody is required to read it or agree. :slight_smile:

The purpose of this competition is essentially to help everyone become better at how they engineer. By the 3rd or 4th year in vex, teams should be capable of building things that they deemed unimaginable. Sharing ideas only helps further everyone. And in the real world you use every resource available to you, so why not in this competition? We’re not all enemies. So we might as well help one another

Design convergence is something unavoidable in both VRC and engineering world. The point is not to copy blindly and limit your potential in the process of simply replicating a design. Take the best design in the world and improve on it. If there isn’t one, design. I am quoting a former robodragon forum member, and I like the ideology.

My oh my, it’s only late April and we are already seeing design convergence threads. It’s going to be a long year on the forums :rolleyes:

Seriously though, I don’t see any problem with what people are doing, and I appreciate the videos. I wish we had a launcher already; we haven’t even met back at school yet since before worlds.