Nothing But Net Prototype Videos

This thread contains links to all of the videos I could find from all of the teams who have tested flywheels, or any other ideas for the new VEX game, Nothing But Net. I thought that this would be a helpful thread for those looking for good ideas. (Each video will have a link and a team number of who posted it). For anyone who wants to add to this thread with other videos I did not find, or new ones, feel free to. I hope this helps!!







Thanks Aiden, looks good

You’re welcome!

Great. We should all keep adding videos to this thread when we find them.

What would probably be easier is to create a YouTube playlist of videos, link it here, then just add videos to that.

I think that it would be easier if people just linked their videos here instead of creating a playlist. But I am not stopping you from doing that so if you feel that that would be beneficial to the VEX community, feel free to!!:slight_smile:

Here are some more videos that I have found:

2 motor flywheel. Last iteration hits about 15-16 ft

I have created a playlist on YouTube of all of the videos that have been put on this forum. Continue to put videos on this forum and I will periodically update the playlist.

CLSN just posted our first prototype shooter. This thing is nasty- it’s a 4-motor, 2-axle flywheel that hits a wall 16’ away at a very flat angle. It has about a 2 second recovery time.

What gear ratio are you using?

we didnt want to do the double flywheel design and instead go for the single. Its not completed yet as you can easily tell. We are working on the arc and working on the intake as well. I haven’t calculated the the ratios or the RPM but all I can say is that it is fast. Its powered by 3 motors geared together and running at full speed. Very scary, the camera does not do its justice.

1:21 with two motors on the top wheel, 1:35 with two motors for the bottom wheel.

Thanks for the info.:slight_smile:

Anyone gonna update the playlist?

I’ll go through and add some more.

Here is my playlist of videos, just updated with several new videos. Sorry I haven’t been updating the playlist, there are literately hundreds of videos pouring out now of prototypes, and honestly they are all the same, except for a few good ones.

I am looking for any videos on the flipper style launcher. I have found some info when FTC did similar things back but can’t find any youtubes. Has anyone seen any examples?

Are you referring to this?

What exactly is a flipper style launcher?
Edit: just saw the above post, never mind.