Nothing But Net Scoring App

I created a scoring app for the new game. It is designed for fast, in-match scoring and is available for free on the Play Store (second result when you search for “VEX Nothing but Net”). Currently, it is only available for Android, however an iOS version is in progress.


  • Designed for in-match scoring
  • Input validation to ensure that all scoring rules are followed
  • Easy to use
  • Match timer

How to Use:

  • Click on a ball to add balls to a goal (top set of buttons = high goal, bottom set = low goal)
  • Click on the minus symbol in the upper right corner to toggle subtraction mode. When in subtraction mode, balls can be removed in the same manner as they are added
  • Click on scores/timer display to select the autonomous winner
  • Click on the robot icons at bottom of screen to cycle elevation height
  • Click on the timer symbol in the upper right corner to select timer duration

Feel free to post any feedback or suggestions!

Any chance you will make a Windows phone version?

I’ll look into it as soon as I get the iOS version done.

Looks nice; doesn’t allow for double elevation scoring though :stuck_out_tongue:

Just in case this is actually legal and someone actually does it, I decided to add it in. Long click on the elevation icons to toggle double elevation.



Yes! :slight_smile:

I was too busy working on my own app, I didn’t realize that somebody had beat me to it. Creds to OP. You can check out my app (PSA this is my first ever mobile app) and tell me what you think. I appreciate any advice you could give

FYI, recently ruled by Karthik that it is NOT legall. Only one robot can be counted as elevated.

I would like to be very clear here. In regards to Double Elevation, what Karthik said was:


Intent and legal being the key words. First off, there IS a legal way to do it as of now. Meaning that a change is going to stop whatever we were planning on doing from being legal. Depending on how strictly the clarifications to the manual are written, there is a chance that we will still be able to pull off a double elevation. Especially in VEXU, where we have more flexibility with what we can build.

If they’re amended to say:

then there’s nothing we can do. But if they’re amended to say something like:

then there are ample ways for us to achieve double elevation. And we get to decide if it’s worth building around them in order to get the extra fifty (or twenty-five) points.

As for “intent,” I… tend to ignore that. The intent of rule SG3 in Sack Attack and Toss Up was to prevent a robot from being locked to the wall for the entire match, and prevent them from playing the game. It was not for us to build a robot that left the opponent more than one tile to drive around in while still preventing them from playing the game, an entirely legal action that is quite obviously not the intent of the rule. But it was a loophole. And the entire fun of these games (at least to me, as a non-engineer) is in finding those loopholes.

So here’s hoping we get more restrictions on what counts as Elevated/Double Elevated, and not a blanket “No, you can’t do it.”

Either I am misunderstanding Karthik’s very simple ruling, or you are. Karthik said it is not legal. Therefore, no. You cannot have double elevation.

Yes he used the word intent, but then immediately followed it with it is NOT LEGAL. So I suppose you could double elevate if you feel like it would be fun…but only one of them will count.

Seems very clear to me, other opinions?

This thread and the one linked within it clearly rule double elevation as illegal.


But that is the precise forum that Ephemeral_Being is referring to when he says he still thinks it is legal. He even quoted it, then goes on to say it is still somehow legal.


I think its a lot of wishful thinking. Karthik knows what his “intents” were when he said that. Candidly he was shooting the entire idea down. People can try to double elevate but the refs aren’t going to listen to this reasoning in the middle of a bunch of busy matches. Unfortunately thats the truth.

I agree that Karthik’s ruling is very clear that double elevation is not legal, so I removed it from the app (could be several hours before update is available). :frowning:

Nice job! Works great. Definitely much better than my first app.