Nothing is working and i have a competition at 8:00am tomorrow!

I am basically a one man team because my teammates do NOTHING!!!. I can’t get cubes up the tray because they angle is too high OR I need more compression on the intakes… I am running very very low on resources to use. How can I make the cubes intake with ease but also stack without causing the intakes to block the tray. I NEED HELP AND I AM OUT OF CHOICES!!!



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that looks like a steep angle… The ideal tilter angle is as close to 45 degrees as you can get it. (additionally it looks as if the try will contact the ground when it is tilted upwards)


Looks like you could use some more flaps on your intake. Also do your arms twist out when intaking? If so are your c-channels boxed?


I have no flaps. Are do go out and the arms are boxed

if you’re really pushed for time, and if you aren’t likely to get the tray and intakes working, I’d say just screw it and go 8m pushbot cause why not. but don’t do that unless you’re out of options.


It’s too late at this point. Not trying to be pessimistic or turn you down, but at this point, your odds are better if you clap a quick wall on that traybot, and give it a 4 motor drivetrain. There’s not much more time to rig up anything sophisticated.

Not to be rude, but next time, keep in mind the ability and quality of your robot before registering for comp. It might be hard since you’re technically not a 1 person team, but just saying


You beat me to it. Robots should be finished 1-2 weeks before a competition, leaving the remainding for practice and tuning. This shouldn’t have happened, either contact them and say that you aren’t going or understand you will not be the best in the competition, and follow the advice above. I would prefer the first choice to maintain your team’s reputation in my opinion.


I agree with this.

As a suggestion for future comps, move ur arms in towards the tray try increase compression.


I think you should go 8m pushbot but…

When I started out as a 1 man team nothing was working at my first competitions and I would stay up till 3 or 4 Am fixing things, but If you are a little insane and you are able to stay up VERY late you could remove the entire arm and switch to a simple tray and I might be able to give you some leeks in a pm, but you have to be able to be up till at least 3 Am and the next day wont be fun. Again i don’t reccomend this b/c stuff will prob still not work but if you are very commited you could do this. I think you should just relax though its still early season.


How many cubes can it hold right now?

Maybe I’m missing something but why is 45 degress the best angle? For me the lower the tray is the more i can stack because less angle puts less force against the rollers.

Your tray sticks across the field and it whacks stuff


I totally didn’t almost hit a ref 3 times with my 3 stage tray on wednesday…

but since butternubs has a pretty short tray a low angle is prob fine. being able to stack is more important than wacking things.


Hey, man, I feel your pain. But I know you can do it! You are probably going to the same competition as I am and need that finished by tomorrow morning. Just tonight I programmed all of my code so that it would work after not working pretty much at all and also redesigned my whole block stacking system so that it would be ready for tomorrow. I don’t even have autonomous finished but i believe that it can be done. Just have confidence in yourself and take charge and get it done. I believe in you! There is so much that one person can do in a day that it is UNBELIEVABLE. I would not wait for answers on this forum. I would just get the robot complete or near complete for this competition. by the looks of your robot, you are going in the right direction you just need to make a few upgrades. I would say to make your slope more horizontal as that would allow for a smoother block intake. that should not be too hard as all you have to do is move the base of the block holder forward. This will also serve as a shortener for getting inside 18 inches. The intakes moving in will take a little bit more effort as you will need to unscrew the gears and possibly flip them so that they are facing inward. but this could cause problems with the tray. another way to do it is to take off your high-strength spacers and move the gears inward to decrease space between the two intake rollers. I advise you go with my first suggestion and then if that does not get you to your goal then try the other one with it.

EDIT: I would also add more of the flaps to your intake rollers in order to increase traction between the block and your intake rollers. this will help to push the blocks up more


Yes I would agree more compression should be added to the intake and more flaps, that’s the least flaps I’ve seen on any robot, that should be an easy fix. It will signicsntly increase the perfomsnce of your robot.

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Honestly I would continue working on the tray bot, a push bot will do you no good after this comp and you’re not going to win so might as well continue working on a bot you’ll use later


I agree. I think the time should be working on your robot instead of competing. The additional stress to go to a competition you will be slaughtered in is just not worth it. Learn from this and prepare for your next competition, it will be the smartest decision.

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Remember, you can work on the bot at competitions.

I agree with this to an extent…

Robots are never complete. Even world quality robots have room for improvement. Secondly, you won’t learn how to win if you don’t learn how to lose first. What I mean by this is that experience gained from competition is invaluable. Not only do you first-hand witness better robots (or competitive ones at least), but you also see what your weaknesses really are. When I was first starting Vex, I learned the most from competitions (and still do).

That being said, go the competition and hold your head up high. If you’re building without purpose or intent to win, then why bother doing competitive vex. The whole point is of it is to compete. If you feel unprepared, then welcome to the club. No one is ever completely prepared, nor can you expect anything with absolute certainty. Anything can happen. Good teams can fail too.

Obviously you have work to do. Don’t feel discouraged. Be more prepared next time, but don’t give up this early on. Good luck!