Nothing Special


3:1 for speed spring loaded drive created with latex tubing
1 motorized strafe wheel
5:1 for torque capper lifting arms with a couple rubber bands
33" by 9" cappers that weigh about 1 lb
Parking motorized arm
Scoring claw and arm 4 motors
High goal capper which is not attached telescoping arm with two motor swivel

Actual ability:

  • caps opponents troughs and high goal immediately during autonomous

This bot will not come to Worlds for one reason; anybody with 1 min and 45 seconds of driver control would have been able to take of the trough cappers. During damage testing with this robot we realized with a robot pushing on the end of the capper they could bend the lift axle in twenty seconds and after forty seconds twist it and the whole capper would be useless on the ground at that point. We tried supporting the axle but testing proved that nothing would help.
More pictures and explanations on http://

The world championship robot we are bring is our fifth design
This scores everywhere and descores everywhere.
6 motor high speed drive
15:1 for torque powered by two high speed motor 6 bar linkages
2 motor shovel with 192 square inches of pick up area with ability to hold and score 13 objects at max
Pneumatic high goal scorer

Strategy behind this robot:
Score one hundred and twenty points by twenty seconds in the match then stay ahead by playing a little defense which includes protecting objects and other mechanisms.


High goal scoring

More photos and explanations on Facebook link above.

Oh and by the way this was 1200 Syntax Error’s robot reveal just to be formal like everyone else.

Looks awesome! But whats to stop people blocking your alliance? (talking about the trough blocker) Looks really cool though :open_mouth:

Our plan was to be able to score around seventy points on high via match loads and the golden plus the left five stack so that we wouldn’t need a partner to win qualification matches. In the playoffs we wanted a hoarder with a lot of power on its drive to protect us and also score last second if need be like if they took a capper off against us. The reason we didn’t make a wall bot plus capper was because of G11 which to us sounded like if we capped and were a wallbot we would have torn apart so anyone could block our partners but we felt we could get a guaranteed win with just scoring match loads on high and not need a partner.

Aw man… I thought about this exact strategy but couldnt think of a robot to best accomplish it. Nice work:). I just realized though, does that count as anchoring your robot because you wrap around the black diamond dividers? you cant be pushed sideways

As for your axle issue, why don’t you place a linear slide or turn the arm into a linkage to minimize stress?

That is an interesting question about anchoring. To us we thought that we were fine because we were always only touching field elements from two sides. I never thought that both cappers would be considered as a single element to prevent us from moving sideways. If we were taking it I would probably post a quick question to Karthik about it.

The thing was we only had two motors and one of the cappers had to be 17 1/2 in. away from the robot when fully extended so we just used rotating arms. The other reason we could only use arms was that the cappers when folded up had to fit in a 9 in. long by 5 in. wide space so linkages were out of the question. Great suggestion though.

With this bot I was just happy that the spring loaded drive worked so well.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but can they not just score on top of your trough blockers and still score points? Albeit, less points due to it being hard to put as many sacks on a metal plate…

But if they pull away the trough capper bot to check what has scored, won’t all the sacks on top also get pulled away?

For a Scoring Object to count under either clause, it must remain in a Scored position, if/when all Robots were removed from the field. (By removed, we mean removing the robot and its contents from the field. Referees will be instructed to gent ly pull robots away from the Goal if necessary) i.e. The Scoring Object must not be supported by the Robot.

This was from right below what you quoted from the rules. The last sentence says that they are supported by the robot so they don’t count as scored.

Looks like a very solid robot :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet up with you guys again!

Aha. I see now. Looks like you will be very hard to beat :slight_smile:

Thing is, they will not be bringing the trough bot to Worlds.

120 points in 20 seconds is very impressive.

But it can be beaten :wink:

I should have been more explicit; I meant that we would have 120 points scored twenty seconds into driver control so 1;25 seconds left. So this 120 points includes what we score in autonomous. To prevent opponents from blocking us during auto I will refrain from saying how much we score and where we pick it up during auto but during the first twenty seconds of the match we would like to put fifty on high and score the leftovers from auto which comes to 120 points. We looked at the average loss at NZ Nationals which we considered the closest to what worlds would be like and found that the losing team usually had 70-90 point so being able to protect one hundred and twenty means that it would be hard to lose. Though I threw out the the matches that 2941a and 2915a were in because you know they were farming SPs:D

Can you please post a picture of the caps when they are closed/ before they are expanded?

Nice design by the way!

This is before we flipped the hinge to get less space between the L-channel. On the facebook page you can see how they are attached to the lift arms so there is two hinge points and and three sections. The rubber bands open it to flat. The whole system is 17 1/2 in. Tall and the width is pretty much two L-channels and a c-channel stacked on top of each other.

Seeing the trough capper built, these guys really thought of everything as far as rules and match play went. The robot was almost made and almost worked, minus the problems with the arms with the cappers, and the fact that you could descore the capper (courtesy of 1200C who is also at Worlds and should be very good). This capper was designed to be able to be fixed and parts replaced in less than 20 minutes because of the amount of damage they were going to be expecting. Also, they made a MOTORLESS drive that worked very well. Nobody seems to have caught that in the description:D. If that capper worked out, it would have been crazy tough to beat at Worlds. The new design is excellent as well, and a perfect compliment to the “NZ” bot. Look out for the 1200 teams at Worlds (1200, 1200C) Great teams!! Good luck!!

Anything is possible at Worlds :smiley:

Update: We just ran skills for the first time and got 220 on our first attempt.

Also has anyone been checking out Green Eggs Facebook Page they have been letting out some hints. Does anyone have any guesses on what it could be.
I think hoarder but that’s blatantly obvious.

Why would a hoarder need to jump?