Notification for new tournaments

Is there a way to be notified when a new tournament is added to your region/state?

Right now, I log into every day to see if there are any new tournaments in California. Instead of doing this manually every day, is there a way to be notified when a tournament is added?


Cris has an API that uses standard HTTP get requests. You can put parameters in the request to return competitions in your region. You can use this to write your own scripts to notify you. I have one myself, but its not really intended for distribution, otherwise I’d share it with you. I might work on making it more user friendly so other people can use it. I’ll let you know. What OS are you on?

Here is an example of using their api with Javascript/JQuery:

	async: false,
	url: "",
	data: {
		season: "In The Zone",
	success: function(data) {


PS: its not ideal, but technically you could run that in your browser’s console with your region and it would show you all the tournaments in a somewhat human readable output. I personally have a cron job that periodically runs a python script which does the same thing and prints a readable output to all open terminals with wall. It keeps track of new ones by storing the tournament names in a text file and just not printing the ones its already stored.

I hope that helps a bit. Maybe you can give your programmers a summer project :wink:

I would like this as well. Robotevents 1.0 was a little easier to just get a nice list of local events. The new one has to load the map and the list is cramped to the right.

I do have the following url bookmarked. It’s an easy way to see what is available in the state. Florida IQ is looking pretty sad at the moment. :slight_smile:

You could pretty easily make one of these for any state program, etc…

EDIT: If they did implement some kind of email system like this a lot of the emails would start to go to spam… They have to minimize the number of emails that they send out just to make sure you actually get them.

Summer is boring, I’ve got free time. I’ll look at making my program publicly available. I won’t be able to do emails though, since you have to pay for email servers. What OS are you on? Or would a web interface be preferable?

If you can get it working with IFTTT, I think you’d be able to send emails freely while also allowing people to choose other notification means (such as text messages).

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

update: IFTTT won’t work. It only lets you use some limited set of services as triggers.

@Barin @sankeydd and @CrisPierry

Have you looked into the Webhooks trigger?

@Barin ah I didn’t see that one, I’ve already written the server, but I’ll look at it for a V2. Thanks.