Notre Dame Killer Bee Autodesk Tournament

Today in Pontiac, MI, Notre Dame Prep HS hosted a 24-team tournament. First off, I would like to congratulate teams 33A, B, C, and D and their program for hosting a smooth, well-run tournament. Good job, guys!

The tournament was very good. Michigan’s metagame seems to be evolving toward a defensive play, where one robot stops one of its opponents from doing anything, creating a 1v1 between the other two teams. The open field setup makes this easy, as you can keep a robot away from any sacks and goals just by blocking them.

Our team emerged 3rd seed after going 4-2-0 in the qualifications. We picked 1B and 33D as our alliance partners and won both the QFs and the SFs 2-0. Then, in the final, we went up against the 1st seed alliance of 1A, 1, and 3098B, who are also a very skilled alliance. By using extreme defense to counter team 1’s superb descoring capability, we won the first match 105-14, but then our cortex broke down completely and we were unable to compete in the following two matches. 1B and 33D fought well in the other matches but in the end our alliance lost. Props to 1A, 1, and 3098B for winning, props to 1A for winning the Excellence Award, and props to 1B and 33D for being such great alliance partners.

All 6 of the finalists qualified for the Michigan State Championship and the US National Championship.

Here is the tournament page. I don’t know whether they will be updating the match results.

I’ll post some videos here as soon as I can upload them.

These videos belong to team 3098A and B, The Captains.
This match is listed to be the 2nd semifinal between the 1st alliance and the 4th, but I think it’s really one of the quartefinals between the 1st (red) and the 8th (blue).
This is a qualifying match. 3 of my team (orange shirts, neutral jackets) can be seen walking by the field at the start.
This is a conglomeration of different matches. The 4x speed part is what I envision Worlds looking like. :stuck_out_tongue:

My team has more vids of our matches. I’ll try to upload them as soon as I can.