NOVA VEX Tournament 2012

Attention all registered VA/MD/DC or further out VRC teams,

The NOVA VRC tournament is open for registration is open and we are waiting for teams to register. Currently we have 26 teams registered.

Tournament Registration

Osbourn Park High School
8909 Euclid Ave
Manassas VA 20111

December 15th
Doors open at 7 am
Event ends at 5 pm
Full schedule to follow soon

$50 a team to register ($30 for each additional team)

14 Awards:
3 Tournament Champions (3 World Spot)
3 Tournament Finalist
Excellence Award (1 World Spot)
Programming Skills Champion
Robot Skills Champion
Design Award
Community Award
Create Award
Energy Award
Amaze Award
Innovate Award
Sportsmanship Award

This year the competition will be run as 2 divisions. This will ensure teams get the proper number of matches; we will be splitting the teams into 2 divisions. This split into divisions will be done straight up the list.

Example, 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 3C.

Division 1: 1A, 1C, 2B, 3B
Division 2: 1B, 2A, 3A, 3C

This ensures that all teams are evenly distributed between the two divisions. The top 4 teams will make alliances in each division; this will make sure a total of 16 teams participate in the finals. The winners of the divisions will then go head to head, for Tournament Champion, and Finalist. All other awards will not be based on divisions. This includes driver & programming skills.


If you would like to volunteer for the event, please use the link below, and fill an empty spot.

Volunteer Sign up

I look forward to seeing everyone at the tournament.

Thank you,
James Gillespie

The tournament is a little over a week away. I want to remind teams that if we get over 48 teams registered, we can have 2 divisions. This means more matches for every team involved. (I forgot to post that in the previous post, but it is stated on the robot events page)

Currently there are 34 teams registered.

The registration deadline is Dec 10th. If you are planning on coming, but haven’t registered yet, please do so before the cut off.

We are up to 47 registered teams.

Reminder to all teams, registration deadline is tomorrow.


There will be a total of 24 teams in finals, not 16 teams. That’s what I get for copying and pasting from previous years post. 8 Alliances of 3 teams each.


Here is the schedule for Saturday

NOVA VEX Tournament

7:00 – Doors Open
8:15 – Final Team Check in
8:30 – Drivers Meeting
8:45 – Match Schedule Distributed
9:00 - Qualification Matches Begin
12:15 - Lunch Break
1:00 - Qualification Matches Resume
2:30 - Alliance Selection
3:00 - Elimination Matches Begin
4:30 - Award Ceremony
5:00 - Clean up begins

Skills Field
9:15 am – 2:00 pm

7:00 am – 9:00 am

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

I see 49 teams are currently registered. Are you still thinking about 2 divisions?

Yea, going with 2 divisions. I know two teams arn’t going to make it, which puts us at 47, but still close enough.

Looks like we hit 56 teams, but I know two of those can’t make it. So likely 54 teams.

We reached 60+ teams, and 10+ middle school teams.

This means 6 total world slots
3 - Tournament Champions
1 - Excellence Award
1 - Middle School Excellence Award
1 - Design Award

Here are the schedules assuming every single team shows up on Saturday. These are only tentative, so this could change.

There are two divisions, so check if you are in Red or Blue division.
blue+schedule.pdf (62.6 KB)
red+schedule.pdf (63.8 KB)

Previous schedule is invalid.

Here is corrected schedule
blue+schedule.pdf (62.9 KB)
red+schedule.pdf (63.8 KB)

First note:

I need more inspectors in the morning

What a great event. Amazing job to every team.

Excellence Award - Team 177Z - Twisted Botz
Middle School Excellence Award - Team 1113D - Rippon Middle School

Tournament Champion - Team 2068H - Metal Jackets
Tournament Champion - Team 12A - ACME - Batteries Not incl
Tournament Champion - Team 12E - ACME - VEXtorius

Design Award - Team 12A - ACME - Batteries Not incl

Tournament Finalist - Team 42A - Mostly Harmless
Tournament Finalist - Team 929W - Hereford Zone Robotics
Tournament Finalist - Team 12R - ACME - 12R

Robot Skills Champion - Team 12A - ACME - Batteries Not incl - 178 points

Programming Skills Champion - Team 12D - ACME - This Side Up - 95 points

Amaze Award - Team 929W - Hereford Zone Robotics
Create Award - Team 42A - Mostly Harmless
Energy Award - Team 1575C - Personal Gain
Innovate Award - Team 2068H - Metal Jackets
Sportsmanship Award - Team 1575C - Personal Gain
Community Award - Team 177 & 177Z - Twisted Botz
Judges Award - Team 12D - ACME - This Side Up
Judges Award - 6800B

Great job to all teams who participated, and a HUGE thanks to 12A and 12E for playing and winning with us in the elims

Yep, great job to the organizing team of the tournament everything stayed on track and went smoothly. And congrats to all the teams for all the hard work they put into their performance.

Thanks to all the volunteers. It was a great tournament. The Finalists are listed incorrectly though.

You are right Jon. I am sorry for the mistake. I think those might have been the red division finalist, not the tournament finalist.

Tournament Finalist - 177Z - Twisted Botz
Tournament Finalist - 12D - ACME - This side up
Tournament Finalist - 154C - Terror Bytes