Now is a good time to do things

I know everyone’s bummed out about all of the competitions canceling, so this thread is here to take the task of cheering yall the heck up until the next competition reveals. Even if you don’t want to take the easy-out and just do something other than robotics for a month, there are still things to do. If your team really wants to get a head start on the next competition, the best thing you could be doing now is to keep working on the more challenging and bizarre things that you secretly wanted to add to your bot all along (I’m looking at you, vision sensor tracking.) Often times what you could do now will be applicable to the next competition in some way, so it isn’t a waste of time.

If you want a challenge, make a TT bot without any wheels. Let’s break the decades-long wheel meta :upside_down_face:


Agreed. Its a great time to tinker around with ideas you may have not been able to execute in the past due to lack of time or CAD new designs.


We’re probably gonna make an actual cube flywheel that can get all of the towers and perform decently, lol :slight_smile:


I’m putting about 5 trays on the robot

Please make a reveal video for it lol

maybe if you want to keep your robot semi-intact you can mount a puncher behind your tray (assuming you have one of course)

Did someone say stacking 25+ cubes?


Will do

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We have 3 tray bots, (2 retired), so imma probably start from scratch and take parts from those 2 if I need more

there was this idea of “Hand of God” robot in 2012.
Basically just sit at the starting tile and stretch out an arm that is long enough to score.


I think it’s really important to always take time in between seasons or during the summer to just fool around with random things that you’ve been thinking about. During seasons, VEX is a pretty competitive activity, so a lot of the time we see most teams build “meta” designs that they know will work rather than the random and quirky ideas that have a higher risk of not working. For my team, one of our “after season” projects after In The Zone was to incorporate some different types of motion profiling into autonomous, and, because we spent the time in between seasons working on a risky idea, we ended up with a really good foundation to work on autonomous functions in the next seasons.