Now is a Great Time to Repair Wires & Connectors (and Save 25%)

I’m sure many of us have some motors, sensors, or wires lying around with missing connector pins or damaged wires, but there’s no need to throw them out just because of this. The summer is a great time to fix up all of your electronics so that they are ready and legal for the competition season.

Repairing these items is super inexpensive using crimp-pins and plastic housings, and everything you need can be found on Additionally, from now until the end of July, all Kits, Pins, Housings & Cable are 25% off. No coupon needed, you can find everything here:

Also, I will finally make the video tutorial on how to repair connectors this week that I had promised a long time ago. :slight_smile:

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Is the posted price the sale price?

Yes, the current pricing is at the 25% off. If you still see non-sale prices, you may need to refresh the page.

Also, we recently updated a few products on our site, so that the repair kits are now sold in packs of 10 kits (at a lower price than before) and cable is sold in 10ft lengths (at the same pricing as before).

A video would be great. We nearly threw the tool and pins against a wall before we figured it out. I video would have really saved some stress and anguish!

We also realized that we could make our own y-cables, extension wires, etc if we were caught in a pinch without a particular size.

Uh oh… I’m glad you were able to figure it out though. Yep, hopefully we can prevent anyone else having that issue with a visual demonstration.

That being said, I highly recommend teams investing in the tool! Especially once a video is available!