Now that vrc is over (for me at least) what do i do now?

States is over, pretty much done with the season for this year. probably gonna take final videos of my robot for graduation and such. My question is, what do i do now? is there anything that anyone here does in the meantime between the end of the vrc year and the beginning of next season to kill some time? The new game hasnt come out yet, so theres not really much to do outside of testing random stuff that mightve worked. I could try to teach my teammates (its their first year in vrc) some stuff about building and programming and stuff, but that might only take a few weeks. and i also don’t have a meeting at all for robotics this week. what do i do? im so bored lol

Here’s a link to a similar thread from last year, lots of stuff here to keep you busy: Release next year's game early - #13 by kmmohn


do some coding stuff. My team is making an x drive with odometry to experiment with coding. also its only a month and a half away for worlds, and then the new game is released.


my org does the RAD drones program in the spring as a low-key way for us to hang out and compete after worlds, but we never take it to seriously, we just do it for fun


Last year I built a kiwi drive in the off-season, they are fun to drive, but are difficult to program. You could also get xRC simulator to practice driving and try old games or FRC/FTC games.


Relax or prepare for next season by “leveling up your skills”! That’s what I’m doing!

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