Now that we can fix parts - what are legal replacements

Now that we can finally fix pins on motors and sensor wires, what are the right parts to buy to fix these guys?

We have plenty of motors with one pin missing we can now legally fix.

What are the right names of the connector parts and where can I buy some? Any preferred crimping tools?

Get one of their servo connector starter kits. Have never looked back. You want the “Futaba/J-style” connector housings.

I think I found it from what you showed me.

Crimp connector housings with 0.1" pins:

2 wire motor connector replacements…

3 wire sensor connector replacements…

Male pins:

Female pins:

3 wire sensor connector replacements…

Male pins:

Female pins:

Those will fit and work, but to get the proper keyed connectors that lock into the cortex, you want the futaba style ones from the site I linked. Hansen’s crimping tools are good as well.

The fatuba female connector looked different from Vex ones as it had a “sheath” but the male ones have the little tabby thing.

Now we can even make extension wires with the tab so they don’t come out of the Cortex as easily! (although not exactly like for like)

Is there a new rule that I missed?

I think he’s referring to this one:

I know this rule was there last year, and I could imagine the years before possibly as well. Unless I’m missing another rule, I can’t see anything new.