What are your thoughts on numatics?

nice to have when you need them.

they’re pretty n e a t

but seriously, I think there aren’t many ways to use them this year. Assuming you use both pneumatic containers you can have maybe a lift if you make it strong enough, and a active cap intake or parking mechanism such as parking brake or mat dropping down. Neither of which are too worthwhile. I would say to go with all 8/12 motors.

Its spelled “pneumatic,” not “numatic”

You can shoot balls with pneumatics lol

Wait, did someone actually figure that out? I remember discussing it on another thread, but hadn’t heard anything since. If so, do you have a video @TitanRey15 ?

@Got a Screw Loose I hope to have a video by the end of the week… I’ve made my arm with the pneumatics all put together… its pretty anti-climatic that everything is ready but we cant fill it up because the air compressor or whatever’s latch is broken so we cant transfer air into the resevoir…

tldr: ill put a video on here asap

Accidentally deleted my last post. I’ll refrain.

Sounds pretty cool. Is it working? [Answer: Yes] I now realize it was you who was building the system.

And I’ve seen your robot. It looks more like a catapult than a puncher, like I was envisioning. Is there a reason you switched? Or was I just envisioning wrong? Or was that an old picture of the robot you posted when asking about flipping caps wit the intake?

EDIT: Oh wait, I can undo a deleted post. That’s handy.
EDIT#2: For anyone else who is curious, here’s the other thread ->

In toss up pneumatic catapult was the standard design.

Yeah… but we didn’t need to activate the catapult as many times as this season.
Moreover, the range of the catapult will change as the pressure of the air decreases.

That said, it might work if the team decides to only start shooting the flags in the later part of the match.

You’re right. We also had no limit on tanks as well…

@meng @OscarMNOVA12 the pneumatics can last for a very long amount of time as long as there is no leakage… i think about 50 shots before things go downwards

Have you tested it? As in… is there enough force to turn the flag?
For it to last 50 shots will mean you only require a small amount of air pressure to shoot the ball. That will be very impressive if you managed to get the system up for 50 shots.

With 50 shots I’d be surprised it has enough force to toggle the flag.

Sorry, I can’t spell

If I’m not mistaken, can’t you connect pneumatics through the 3-pin ports on the V5 Brain?