Number of Drivers on a team

In the past, I have let anyone who wants to drive the robot drive during a tournament. I just want to make sure that is allowed. Obviously, only 2 drivers per match, but the drivers can be different from match to match, right?

The game manual ( addresses drivers in the Game Definitions. There is more about drivers in rule G6. The game manual does not say that the drivers must be the same two students for the entire event. There are no other rules outside the game manual or the official Q&A, so yes, it is allowed.

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Thank you. I was second guessing myself, but that is the best way to make sure everyone is given an opportunity.

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I would suggest 1 driver and 2 people who are standing next to the driver. The reason being, 2 minds are btter than 1 and the other 2 people who aren’t driving might see a possibility to get points that the other person doesnt.

And is this supposed to be in the IQ thread?

Yes, this was an IQ question. Only 2 drivers for the IQ teamwork challenge.

Oh. My bad. …

yes, it is. but most teams in my school’s 2-3 ppls, so not in my case.

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