number of motors allowed?

I remembered that the number of motors allowed were limited to the ports on the microcontroller. however, one of my team members says that you are limited to only 4 motors/servos because you can only use up to 4 amps at a single time or something… i’m not good with electricity stuff, but i’m pretty sure that it’s quite absurd that if at once, we’re only allowed to use 4 motors (last year i think we had 6 just for the drive chain…)

so please can some1 tell me if this is true?

no, you can use all of the ports. if you use 8 motors (all at once) it will draw only 4 amps, just each motor getting half an amp(or depending on which motors are under the most load). it also depends on the competition. some you can use only 4, some you can use up to 10! to use 10 motors, you need Vex Y cables.

thanks alot, this is for elevation. so can i still use all the ports? is there a motor/servo number limit per robot for elevation?

I’m not sure, i don’t participate in the competition

Did you read the competition manual? Under Rule (<R5> a.) It lists the robot specifications.

Why not just tell them? lol. There is a limit of 10 motors and servos, you can use any combination as long as you dont exceed ten motors or servos.

Because almost all participants in a forum like this eventually get tired of people who want us to be their researchers instead of simply referring to a printed copy of the rules…

Flame me if you want, but I like to encourage folks to pay the price of success in honest effort. The first time or two it’s no big deal because the folks answering the questions generally like to be helpful, and to use the knowledge they have acquired; but the 100th time someone asks a question that is clearly answered in the Inventors Guide or in the rules of the competition; and clogs up the forum with a new thread; and doesn’t do a simple one-word search to see of the question has been asked and answered a dozen times before…

Well that is when the person asking the question needs to be gently led down the path of learning to perform their own very simple and easy research instead of asking other people to do it for them. I think Corpralchee’s answer was helpful and polite without robbing the questioner of a chance to read the rules for themselves.

And, as I described above, it’s not any single question of this ilk; and its usually not any specific questioner, it is the sum of all of them; and the need for each questioner to sharpen their research skills that gets (very) old after a while.