Number of people per team

The maximum capacity for a team is 10 according to robotevents website. My question is, does that include the teacher/supervisor? Also, can family members attend the event?

The maximum might be 10 and no that does not include the teacher/supervisor. In my experience, 10 is WAY too many to work on one robot. There just isn’t enough for everyone to do. To me, an ideal size is about 4-5 students per robot. At an event, 1-2 of them should be scouting to see what other robots are capable of doing. And all events that I have run and attended over the past 14 years, family members are always welcome to come as spectators.

Don’t go above 4 or 5 teammates. It doesn’t work.


We had a team of 7 at our school at one point and they struggled to get along so split up. I’m in a team of 4 and it works really nicely. 3-5 people is definitely the ideal range.

Agreed for sure.

To be honest you could really push it down to two members and it would still be ideal/viable. At competitions, one would scout and one would drive, and when working, one would build and one would program.

We have 10 people on our team. It has been fine for us. We have our schedule in a way where when sports comes around for some people, others won’t have sports so they can attend the robot more while the others do the sports. And when their sport ends, usually another person’s sport begins. But it is definitely not too much even when all 10 people are there

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Don’t ever do a competition alone. A 2 person should be the bare minimum for a tournament, and 3 (minimum) for building in general.

On another note, make sure you have team members you can trust lol

3-4 members is the best. too much is possibly even worse that too little. a 10-person team would just be nonfunctional

I’ve had to work with a 10-member team, let me just tell you, it will never ever work. There simply are too many members and too few tasks to do. In the end, only a third of the members will be able to get some hands-on experience while the others will feel left out. As many others have stated, 3-4 members works best. Our team s set up with one Driver / Programmer, one Notebook designer, and two builders that aid in notebook as well.

I’m on a 10-member team, 5 people choose to never show up anyways and then they don’t know what’s going on and it’s terrible. But if they know what’s going on through constant updates and they want to be there, it works great because you can have 4/5 people building while 3 people discuss skills and 2 go around prepping other things.

How does 1.5 people sound?

Illegal. And not just illegal through VEX.

Ideally I’d like 2-3 people on my team

I’m in a 3 person team rn, and it seems like the perfect amount, but I just cant get over how some teams are able to make 3 seperate robot reveals throughout a season.

Actually, there’s been no mention in any rule in the history of Vex pertaining to this matter. Trust me I checked.

I’ve been on teams ranging in size from 1 to sort-of 5. It really depends on the activity level/interest, but I 100% agree with the statement that you should never do a competition alone. Even 1103 (arguably the best one-man team ever… :stuck_out_tongue: ) would bring his family to tournaments for coaching and scouting.

Three is a pretty nice size for a team so everyone gets a chance to deal with the robot, but it doesn’t leave any room for scouts. I found my five-person team balanced “everyone working on the robot” with enough scouts/team promoters to function effectively at a comp.

Every single event I’ve ever been to has not only allowed this, but strongly encouraged it! :slight_smile: As a competitor, it’s a lot of fun to show your family what you’ve been working on, and it also builds interest in the robotics program from a parental side (…which is always good for fundraising, etc). Usually the competition is held in a gym-like space with raised seating for spectators — and there’s pretty much constant matches running throughout the day.


Actually, I’m on an 8 person team right now and although it may seem like a lot of people, we distributed work well with each member doing a different thing. With a communication and a good log, it’s possible to pull through with a large team and still distribute work evenly.

I am on a two-person team right now. It is quite difficult because between us there is a lot of work to do. We have found that a smaller team can be nice though. It is much easier to find time to get in the lab when you only have to coordinate two schedules. A common situation with many teams is someone not knowing how to do something but, with only two people, we both know how to do everything.

Only one downside. If only one of us shows up to a competition.