Number of required actuations for claw

The most prevalent design as of now is a clawbot, and people are doing both motorized and pnuematic claws. There’s been a lot of discussion of how many actuations you can get from 2 tanks of 100 psi air, but how many do you actually need?

For skills, I estimate 2 actuations for preloads, 2 for the 2 cubes on the field, 2 for the stars in between the alliance tiles, and 2 for the 4 corner stars, so I’ll put 8 as a minimum.

The most actuations I’ve heard of a claw getting is 52, so I’ll put that as a maximum.

So between 8 and 52, how many actuations are actually necessary?

We got 52 full actuations, but the last 5 or so were pretty sketchy. I think 35 is a nice place to be to be comfortable in a match, but of course more is better. We also run pneumatics elsewhere in our robot, so we’re never really going to get all of the actuations.

Wouldn’t all those numbers need to be doubled since most people are using 2 pistons for their claw

No, that is with two pistons

Could a claw be built using one piston that is still strong enough and opens wide enough. To be useful?

I dont think so, mostly because you dont really need to save pistons, and the difference in power is so great

We get about 32-36