Number of robots

Hello, I would like to know the number of robots allowable to participate with, for VEX IQ & VRC & VEXU.
Thanks in advance

Hi Jeffry,

I am going to take a guess for VEX IQ and say that is the same as VRC, but someone with more knowledge can correct me. VRC allows one robot per tournament. You can have as many robots as you want, but only one can compete per team, per tournament. So, no quick swapping of robots. VEXU allows as many robots as you want, and you may use multiple at the same tournament, if you wish.

I hope this helps!

If you are referring to how many you can use at competition, you can only compete with one robot per team.

here is the rule:

This is for VEX Robotics Competition:
I’m just going to reinforce definitions so it’s easier to talk about:
Organization - The “Group” of “Micro Groups” that uses the same number (Ex: 4009)
Team - The “Micro Groups” that are part of the organization (Ex: 4009A-4009Z)

For each Organization, they can have up to 24 teams total(Aka every letter in the alphabet, but you can’t use “O”'s and “I”'s since they look like a “0” and “1”), and each team can only have one robot competing in a competition. Also take note that some competitions restrict how many teams of an organization can sign up. For example, in most competitions in Texas, the max amount of teams that can be signed up per organization is 5. That means that an organization can only bring 5 teams in which each team can bring one robot to the competition.

the limit of teams per organization signed up is up to the EP, it’s not based on region.

Thank you for clarifying, I edited the wording as well :smiley:

I’m pretty sure the banned letter list is: Q, O, I and L.

Why are they banned?

I can verify this is true for VEX IQ as I competed in it last year.

I believe is because they look like numbers.

O, Q and 0 look alike, as do I, L and 1.

Someone should put a L upside down and see if someone would notice.