Number of Teams At Worlds

Is it just me or has the number of spots been increased to 460?

Yes it increased.

My thought is that because several regions messed up with their qualifying spots(this was a big issue in a thread recently), they had to extend it by a few more to compensate for teams that had already registered even though their qualification was accidentally given to them by mistake.

I could be wrong though. It’s just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:

It was my understanding that vex has always wanted to increase the number of spots available and they weren’t able to with Anaheim but now with it being at Kentucky they could increase it.

They said last Worlds they wanted to increase the amount of teams since it is now in Kentucky. So even if it was because of the mess ups its a good reason to make worlds that bit bigger.

There were either too many teams that were invited prior to qualified teams registering, or they simply wanted to increase the amount of teams at Worlds this year. Even 460 might not be enough to account for invited and qualified teams though, so we’ll see what they do from here.

I like that they increased the number of teams. I just wish they would extend the number of teams through the skills rather than going off the waiting list. seems like there would be plenty of teams that would love to go to worlds and probably have a pretty decent robot too!

I think it is filling in double qualifications from the states/regions and they do that from the skills list.

yep…sorry double checked my math. Just double qualifications.

470 now …

It is 480 now and the registration deadline has been changed to March 20

Not sure how often you guys look at it, but I look at the numbers about 4 times a day. Right now there is 477 people who are going. As long as the fees are paid and there are no problems with transportation and such. I’m wondering when people while stop getting qualified and such. What if it got up to 500? I know its probably not going to happen, but that would be a pretty cool thing to see.

Actually it might, UK nationals still haven’t happened. Plus they extended the date so teams still might sign up that forgot or something.

Do you know how many qualification spots the UK has? I’ve been trying to look online for it, but I can only find the US’s number of qualifications. And that information is even outdated, I think.

It just may go up to 500 at this rate. Still multiple qualifying events to go, UK hasn’t happened, and 480 spots filled.

Although I am surprised that they increased the spots by so much, at this point I would not be surprised to see 500 spots, the 480 cap has already been reached.

and, 487… why 487? Just go to 490 and add 3 teams off the waitlist pls.

There has definitely been some confusion and strange occurrences with Worlds spots, and I’m not sure what they’re doing with an odd number of teams, but I can only assume that they’ll have to add 3 as of now to make divisions equal. If we could get an update on what happened in the first place, what final number of teams they plan on having, or any other news regarding the situation, that would be great.

I still don’t think it’s going to be enough spots. What happened? Did VEX not plan this out correctly? Is this because of the discrepancy between skills robots and tournament robots?

My first thought would be that for some reason too many teams were invited prior to several regional qualifying tournaments occurred, but I’m not sure. The team invitation and planning for Worlds is done through the RECF, not VEX (Robotevents, where you register for Worlds, is an REC site). I think we can expect to see 500 as someone said earlier. A lot of these qualifying events should have been held a lot sooner though, and I’m not sure how everything got this out of sync.

If I’m not mistaken, at least one if not both of the last 2 years (I have no idea before then) the number of spots at worlds increased. It’s probably not easy for the RECF to get the right number of teams invited, because if they invite only how many the event has capacity for then they will end up with too few due to teams not going, so they have to invite extra, but if more than expected end up registering the size of the event has to be adjusted. And I don’t see any reason why that’s a bad thing, a few more teams won’t have very much effect on the matches but allows more qualified teams to attend.

Also, I highly doubt that the teams being added are just arbitrarily chosen and the number will probably keep changing. As the event is already over the original capacity there is little to no chance they’ll be taking teams from the waitlist, so there’s no need to say they should just take 3 teams from the waitlist to make a nice number. :slight_smile: