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This morning someone from my old organization asked me how many teams there were in California Region 2 last year. This also got me thinking if there were a way to find the number of currently registered teams in a region. I tried looking for this but couldn’t find it anywhere. has a teams section but I don’t see a way to filter the teams by region.

Is there a reliable way to find this information? I’m not sure what it would be used for besides genuine curiosity but it might be fun to be able to access the information for team statistics and whatnot.

Head on over to RobotEvents and look at “Map of Local Events”. Then change the filter to show teams in an area instead of events. It should pretty much filter all of them geographically and give you an exact number of how many teams are in an area.


Example with California:

Number of teams may be inaccurate because in this screenshot, I did not filter by program


I noticed that too. However, that shows the amount of teams in California as a whole and my teammate was searching for a way to find the amount of teams in just California region 2. Is there a way to filter it by region rather than just state?

There is no way to filter by region, but I would think you should be able to assume based off of the map considering that regions are geographically assigned.

From this I can confidently say that for VRC, there are 31 teams in California - Region 1, 333 teams in California - Region 2, 125 teams in California - Region 3, and 483 teams in California - Region 4 because the map already divides the regions into approximately the same geographic location as the REC Foundation’s region boundary map.


Ok thanks. It was kind of a dumb topic I was just curious if there was a website somewhere that showed a number of something. My teammate was wondering about the number of teams last year too. Is there a way to access the number of teams for previous years?

The map does indeed allow you to check numbers for previous seasons too if you change the filter settings. Unfortunately there is no website that would tell you exactly how many teams are existing in any given region, but it could exist if someone played around with the RobotEvents API.

280 teams in California - North, 500 teams in California - South.


Ok thank you! I’ll send this over to him.

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Unfortunately, the RobotEvents API only provides State, not Region. The best proxy I have found is from the Global Skills (export to CSV)


Sorry to self-reply. To be clear, while the RobotEvents API returns a field called “Region” for Teams (and Events), the value of “Region” is actually “State”. So, for example, looking up Double Play ( team 80001B), the field reports “California” and not “California - Region 2”.


Number of teams was mentioned in this post:

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