Nylock Nuts

Hello everyone,
I am trying to do some spacing right now and I can’t seem to get the exact width of a Nylock nut and my computer is too slow to run Autodesk Inventor to get the measurement from there.

Could someone tell me the exact width of a nylock nut?


Inventor says .192"

However, the nylock I have might not be exactly the same as the real ones.

I just checked one of our nylock nuts with a cheap caliper and got these:

8.6 mm from flat face to flat face.

9.8 mm from point to point.

5.7 mm tall.

Does that make sense? Our nylocks seem well over 1/4" wide. I’m 96% sure these came from Vex.

I looked it up on Inventor pro, and it says .183 in. for the height.

Why are there so many different values, I wonder?

So just for reference 5.7 mm = .224 in
This is the dimension I measured.
This seems more right than what Inventor gave me, and since it came from an actual nylock it probably is.

Is your measurement for height or width? I considered height to be a measurement that would be parallel to the axis of a screw if a screw were inserted.

I measured a Nylock nut, and got 5.7mm. I also drew up a quick and horrible sketch to make sure that we’re thinking of the same dimension.


Kevin, this is one of the most beautiful sketches I have ever seen on this forum. Is that a paper towel you drew it on? I’d say any sketch that can clear up ambiguities is a beautiful one. Thanks for cleaning up this mess with your paper towel. :slight_smile:

Hi don’t mind me just commenting for the first time

Yep, that’s a piece of paper towel, only thing I had lying around to write on. Other than my work table, which I do also sometimes use to write on. :smiley:

Height - like Kevin drew

Thanks Kevin

Maybe you got a smaller value because you didn’t measure exactly from end to end?
Otherwise, there might be various versions of CAD files for the nylock floating around.

It is a little worrying (although not that shocking) that the CAD files are off by more than 14%.

We’ve had some older nylocks that are thinner. Not sure if they changed suppliers at one time or another. Any nut size is legal so just leave space for what you have in your toolbox is the best advice to give. Or order some other sizes if you really want a thinner one.

From this chart you look to be nearly right on the money.


The table says they should be 15/64" or 0.234" or 5.95mm

Ours seem to be well under .25" and the first response of .192 seems to work with my spacing. This is pretty strange.