Nylon Screws & Hardware Now Available

Robosource.net is proud to announce that we now offer a variety of nylon screws, nuts and couplers, in addition to the spacers and washers we have already had for a while. All of these items are legal for competition robots by <R7c>.

Nylon hardware, at about 1/6 the weight of steel hardware, is a great way to lighten a robot. Even though high stress connections will still need steel screws, many areas on a robot can take advantage of nylon hardware. Regardless of size, all nylon screws are $4.79 or less for 100 pcs.

Available in both 6-32 motor screws and 8-32 standard screws in sizes from 1/4" to 2", all nylon screws are fully compatible with VEX hardware. A combination philips and flat head drive allows you to use standard tools you already have instead of buying new ones and is stronger than nylon socket hex heads.

Nylon hex nuts can be used with both steel and nylon screws and are 11/32" wide, meaning you can use the same tools as for steel nuts. While steel nylock nuts should not be used with nylon screws, using nylon nuts that are fully tightened offer a similar locking property.

Couplers/Set Screws
The main use for these 8-32 x 1" couplers is to join standoffs together, but they can be used for any other purposes and are compatible with all other steel and nylon hardware. A 5/64" hex socket drive means you can use the hex keys you already have.

Spacers & Washers
Need just a specific size of nylon spacers? We have nylon spacers available individually in each size for 49 cents per 10, as well as a multi pack and washers.

You can find full details on each of the products’ pages.

On the topic of nylon spacers, if you want some free spacers, take a look on our Facebook page. :slight_smile:

Have you considered Nylon shoulder bolts, or shoulder nuts?
They would more precisely align two vex hole patterns.

Unfortunately our supplier doesn’t produce shoulder screws in a size that would both fit the vex metal and be compatible with other hardware, so at the moment we don’t have any plans but I’ll keep it in mind.

Quick update, the nylon couplers/set screws are now in stock. They are 1" long and have a standard 5/64" hex drive.