NZ Champs live streaming now - eliminations begin 8pm EST

Here is the link.

We’re currently in the second day of qualifications, with eliminations this afternoon. Here is the full schedule.

These should be worth watching - the standard of competition has been high so far.

Here are some of the biggest achievements of the teams we have here today:

2915A: Current world record holder for robot skills (41 points)
720p: Robotics World Cup champions
2921A: Robotics World Cup champions, Round Up world semifinalists, Clean Sweep world champions
2919: Clean Sweep world champions

And we have a lot of other teams who have been doing very well this season.

The recording of the stream (and the recording of yesterday’s qualification matches) will also be available at the same adress once the competition is over.

Very cool. Robot rock, but I love the woman/man team of DJ’s. They were calling the actions for their alliances. The voice difference make it easy to follow. You guys rock in coming up with that idea. They work well as a pair!

Oh yea, very nice robots, lots of good ideas an implementations. Sorry to hear about them being lost by the airlines on their way to Disney:rolleyes:

Congrats to the Lynfield Alliance for winning and 2921 for getting the Design award. You all qualify so all’s well that ends well.

Congrats to Lynfield B, A and S for winning the tournament! Those were some crazy finals matches. Can’t wait to analyze the strategy NZ brought to Nationals this year with my team. Thanks so much for the livestream! It was very gracious for you to show your designs and your strategies to the world. I think this event will make everyone who watched more knowedgable about the game and about designs in general.

just saying i believe 720p is an amazing robot! and to the team with pneumatic on there intake things that’s smart! could someone explain it to me?

Amazing comp. !!
Congrats to all teams. It was awesome to watch, especiall semi 2 and finals. Just amazing designs. And the video feed was great. Very professional and well made.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: we had a bit of a shaky start to the day but in the end it played out well :slight_smile:

can anyone explain the pneumatic descorer

If you do your intake right, you dont need it… but basically it removes the stops to make the intake go down on gravity (i think)

i saw pneumatics

Yes, the pneumatics remove the stop so the intake falls, but i cant really say more because its not my robot :stuck_out_tongue:

thats really smart

So Nationals this year was AMAZING, just like all the other years. To all the volunteers, thank you SO MUCH for making it such a smooth event!

Finals were tough. Very tough. Good job Lynfield.

The pneumatics are for descoring. And to remove the need for a latch to fit the intake wheels in size, at least on Sylvester (my bot, 2921) they are.


First things first, a big thank you to everyone involved in the event for making it run so smoothly and congratulations to all the teams!

Often these descorers work by removing the physical/mechanical stop on the intake altogether; the stop/limit is then (often) determined by the stroke of the piston. These descorers allow the intake to go vertical in order to help get purchase on the object to be descored, the side intake/sucker/roller intakes often struggle with the descoring process (usually thanks to the position of the posts in the goals). These mechanisms usually allow the driver to descore any object that is legally allowed to be descored, such as those that protrude above the goal by even a few millimetres.

Here is our wrap-up article about Nationals:

We will be posting photos taken by our team on flickr as soon as we can, and we’ll also be attempting to useful video online for those that don’t want to scroll through hours of archives :stuck_out_tongue:

is there any photos of the cool intakes with pnumatics?

Good Morning New Zealand!
Pictures and videos?

Eliminations are near the end of here

Oh, can we still watch it? I watched last night but I wanted to watch again just o look at the designs again. Mainly what I wanted to know was if there was any close up pictures of the really good robots.

Yea the live stream can be watched on that link :stuck_out_tongue: but not live, now its just a super long video :stuck_out_tongue: