NZ scrimmages?

I haven’t heard anything about the kiwibots scrimmages in months. Is there a website where I can find the results from the scrimmages?
I’m curious because New Zealand started out way ahead of the rest of the world in terms of scoring.
The website that was linked earlier in the year no longer exists.

It’s summer holidays for us, they’re only just starting up again (Our VEX season also pauses all through November due to end of year external exams). Updates are usually posted Here, and we (Lynfield) try and get as many as we can on our website.

Edit: I’ll just point out that there was a scrimmage a bit over a week ago, but none of the LC teams went so I have no idea what happened.

Next scrimmage is 6 February. Yes, we took a pretty long summer break - the most recent scrimmage was 5 December. There were events scheduled on December 12 and January 16 organised by 7682 Wingus and Dingus, but for some reason teams didn’t want to attend which is disappointing.

Part of the issue is a lack of formality with events. We only wanted to hold officially recognized/recorded events but it seems the majority of NZ teams have been conditioned to casual competition and just showing up on the day. Disappointing for sure. Perhaps next season will work out better.
I believe the February 2016 scrimmages in NZ will be offical events.

National championship event. Should be webcast as per prior years.

I guess they just dont want it to be official to no other teams can see the results and know how good NZ is this year :stuck_out_tongue: