NZ Volcanic Eruption

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This is rubbish! The mountain just sneezed. I am sorry that the person who posted this thought that posting wind-ups like this would be funny. I will personally take the person to task.

We need to discuss your misguided sense of what is funny.

That was sort of depressing.

Unfortunately this thread was started for the wrong reasons and got off to a bad start, but I might as well use it as an opportunity to share this interesting event with our overseas friends. Being a small, harmless eruption it probably wasn’t reported in very many other countries.

This is the highest quality video I’ve seen of the event. The people in it are very lucky the eruption wasn’t worse, but they certainly have a good story to tell.

And here is a picture:

New Zealand’s volcanoes are dangerous, and they have killed people before (Tarawera in 1886 and the Tangiwai disaster in 1953). But while we’re unfortunate to live with the risk of an eruption, we are also lucky to be able to witness these awesome phenomena in their less damaging forms.

EDIT: I found a better picture:

As Vex Mundi has just said above this thread has got off to a bad start and probably should be removed.

However, for those interested: No one injured during the eruption and there hasn’t been any damage reported. Fortunately Mt. Tongariro is located about halfway between two of the countries larger cities, Auckland and Wellington, and in a quite rural and scenic area. For those Lord of the Rings fans, it’s slightly north of Mt. Ngauruhoe which was used as Mt. Doom in the movies.

I’m actually supposed to be flying quite close to the area as part of training flight later today. I’ll try get pictures if it’s safe to do so and if anyone is interested.

Guys this is a bit like reporting that Old Faithfull in Yelowstone has errupted again.
Perhaps it is the most exciting thing to talk about apart from how fast paint dries and certainally better than who will lead the labour.

You know I’ve heard that Old Faithful is a symptom of a giant super-volcano under Yellowestone that could explode at any time and cover the entire continental US in ash and cause mass worldwide famine. Let’s hope no one has to report that anytime soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget the tsunamis radiating out from (and into) every shore of North America. :slight_smile: