NZ World Cup Alliances - Lynfield College Robots

With the World Cup fast approaching, the three Lynfield teams are looking to firm up alliances in the next week or so. This will allow us and our alliance partners enough time to work together on strategy, complimentary autonomous programs and practicing with our new features :wink:

Interested teams can contact us on the emails below - (2915A and 2915B) (A and B are identical robots) (2915C)

**Lynfield College Robotics **

i LOVE you email address lol

That is a pretty awesome email.

I wonder how long it takes him to log in!?


FTFY :slight_smile:

Pick Me! :stuck_out_tongue:

wait what?
so whoever is in the top 8 seeds will pick “each other”?
what if you are not the first seed and you get “split up”?
or is this something entirely different?

Not too long, mostly it auto completes for me :slight_smile:

I believe alliance selection is going to work like this (at least within nz) - teams will pick alliance partners as usual (order determined by driver skills ranking), but there will be no penalty for declining. This means that if you have a a pre-formed alliance, you can decline being chosen, but are still available for selection. this is not official, just my understanding

This is for World Cup only.
For anyone else who is interested, this is because world cup is being played in alliances of two (similar to College rules).

  • Each robot/team is ranked by driver skills, and then we use the system described by NimbusII above to pick the alliances of two robots/teams.
  • We’re then playing in two divisions of ten alliances each in normal qualification round format, which will re-rank all of the alliances.
  • Then the alliances are put into pool format (similar to the Rugby World Cup) according to their qualification round rankings, and the teams will play round robin against all the other teams in their pool.
  • Then the top x (I think it’ll be 2) teams from each pool go through to an elimination bracket (similar to the Rugby World Cup) with an eventual winner of one alliance of two robots/teams.

Edit: I might be slightly wrong and of course the format might change a bit before World Cup, but this is my current understanding of what’s happening and I’d like to hope that it stays correct =P

Im surprised you didnt immediately want to ally with your own schools other teams. Being a non-Auckland team seems like such a disadvantage for us, I cant see us being picked by a good Auckland team because of our location =(. Oh well, we can but hope XD.

Although we think we could do well alliancing A with B or A with C, we figured its better to have more chances of winning in different alliances - 3 out of 20 instead of 2 out of 20 :stuck_out_tongue: thats just our reasoning… i dont know how logical it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose that makes sense, but if you thought you could make a STRONGER team by alliancing with your other teams, it would probably make more sense to do that. Then again, considering how many strong robots there have been this year, I suppose your reasoning is very valid.

pretty sure that wasn’t your reasoning last time you and i discussed it :stuck_out_tongue:

get a good driver skills score… :stuck_out_tongue:

Except… us, and im sure most other teams dont rank their choices by driver skills… but it is a good “remember we are here” kinda thing though for out of town teams :stuck_out_tongue:

I figure if they’re in the top ~5 for driver skills, people are gonna be going PICK ME

Edit: for the record, I chose top 5 because i’m currently 5th :stuck_out_tongue: (although it isn’t up on the list yet :()

Yeah, we are hoping to post a decent score on the 17th, because we dont have a field or game objects here. See you all at Glenfield I guess =).

yay! you’re coming! :stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to it

We would be 2nd, but that was with an old robot… but i cant find the video to submit D: ahh well, new robot should do better anyway, hopefully two more points better than the last one so we can be top of the list :stuck_out_tongue: - which is here if you didnt know

I think by about the 20th everyone will be upping their scores :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted to be on the list xD