Objective best wheel type for Change Up

Hey guys, I was just wondering this, and I am seriously considering mixing my wheel types up this year. In previous years, I’ve used 4 standard omnis, but this year, my team has decided to use a dual controller setup. I’m playing around with some ideas, and we know what our bot will look like and do, but we haven’t decided on wheels. I was thinking Mecanum omnis just from a driving standpoint, but I want to hear what you guys think.

My dude use whatever you want it honestly depends on your design and strat. I would probably advice against a mecanum drive. Build either a tank drive, or an x drive if you want strafing. For both use omni wheels and maybe a couple of locked omnis on the tank drive if you want to stop people from pushing you sideways.


I’m going to go with an X Drive this year or a hybrid tank drive.


I’m going with tank drive with mecanum omnis, just because, within the dual controller, I’m the one controlling driving the robot, whereas my teammate is controlling the lift, so mecanums make the most sense, especially when I can just bind a button to make the robot strafe by running the motors a certain way.

ngl mecanum wheels are kinda trash in most cases, they are heavy and tend to throw off autons quite a bit. Maybe an H drive might work better?


what is the point in having two drivers btw?

One controls where the robot goes, the other controls the intake and scoring

ngl, I would recommend switching to single driver since if it’s one driver, then they will be more precise.


It might be better to find a driver who is capable of doing both? there is no reason to have two drivers it isn’t particular difficult, and having two will probably only lead to inefficient driving because you have to communicate constantly

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Yeah, but my co-driver and I have extremely good communication, and part of the reason for 2 controllers is also that the robot is too complex for one controller.


Uh, do you mean mecanums or omnis?
Last I checked, mecanum omnis weren’t a thing.


You have me intrigued, good luck this season, and I look forward to your robot reveal if you make one.

mecanum wheels are omnidirectional

robots this season are simple, one driver should be your goal tbh. 2 drivers mean you lose time by communicating (even if you have good communication, a single driver will always have better reflexes), and if one driver can’t make a practice or a comp, you’re in trouble.


as to answer the op, I think your best options are either all omnis if you want to be nimble and have the best maneuverability, or have one set of omnis locked, so that you won’t be able to get pushed as easily. you could try an X drive if you want strafing, wouldn’t recommend a mecanum for this game though, because robots will be pretty light and mecanums work best on a heavy bot.

We’ll have it out around October, because none of us have parts, and Corona.


I was thinking the same thing


You’re not wrong, but no one calls mecanums “mecanum omnis” just like how no one calls planes “metal cylinder with wings”.


I think that using a X-Drive would be the best way to go for maneuverability and everything.

kiwi drive with leg wheels