Our team spends a lot of afterschool and class time working on robotics (read: a couple hours/day), and I’m aware that some teams meet maybe once a week. I’m kind of interested in hearing about how often others spend working on robotics in an average week, or if you spend every waking moment in a haze of gears and game objects. How does robotics fit into your schedules?

Our team normally meets once a week, on Monday nights, from 7:00 to 9:00. Every 2nd Monday of the month, we have our 4-H Club robotics meeting, so we normally meet that Wednesday for the team, to make up for it. In addition, once we start approaching a competition, we may meet extra Wednesdays, and even Saturday meetings, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. So, on average, I’d say we meet around 3-4 hours a week, but it fluctuates between 2 and as much as 4-8.


It kind of depends on our level of stress and motivation before or after tournaments. We only have after-school time for robotics meetings, though my time in class is spent mostly daydreaming about and mentally CAD’ing robots. I’d say 3-4 hours per day when we have competition deadlines approaching/really don’t care about homework. Protip: the school’s lights cut out at midnight. Official Exothermic Club meetings are 2-5pm Thursdays and generally Tuesdays as well. After competitions, people tend not to show up for a week or so. The best thing about our workspace is that its held in an open shared learning space. We basically just walk out of 6th period at the end of school and can immediately pull out robots and parts from cabinets. Pretty awesome stuff.

Winter is usually building, revision and testing time. Also, a fun schedule for me. High school swimming from 2-4pm, then walk back to school for robotics till 7. Pacific Northwest weather is terrible and dark haha. All weather, all day, all night–pretty much every waking moment. nbd. :smiley:

See, my team meets once a week on Thursdays from 2:15-5:30. but we spend another 4-10 hours (per week) at someones house working on the robots. I personally spend a good amount of time on the forums, and updating things like strategy, scouting, building and design, and practicing my driving. Our team is definitely obsessed… :D:D:D

haha, my teammates and i work everyday after school from 3:00 - 6:00 (dinner time :))
sometimes when we are stressed, we can usually go later than that ~7:00 (until the janitors kick us out)
once, the night before the competition, me and another programmer stayed until 10:00 - 11:00 trying to perfect our autonomous skills run :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of our robotics team are enrolled in the after school class, or other 7th period. Our aggressive A and B team normally meets 24 hours per week. This consists of the team staying every day until 5PM, starting whenever school ends, and coming in at 10AM on Saturdays. As for our C, D and E team, they come in about… 10 hours per week.

What we do in this time, is mainly build (we are on constant revision, five complete design changes this season already), leaving the programmers to program at home. When we get closer to competitions, we tend to stay very late, and come in on Sundays. The latest we have stayed up to work on robotics is… 3AM (we had to ship our robot, and try get it under the weight limit).

I feel like I’m obsessed with robotics, and I also feel this way for the rest of our A team and the B team. Although, having friends at robotics makes it really worthwhile (especially funny ones).

If we are still inside the building past 10pm, we get locked in (and have to call security).

We meet Tuesday’s from 3PM-6PM.

We are spending the last 2 meeting driving our robot, and getting our autonomous programs worked out. We are extending those meetings to be from 3PM-8:30PM.

We are home schooled so we don’t get to do it everyday which would be awesome in my opinion.

Robotics is SO awesome!

Well, I graduated from high school last year, and I can’t spend as much time on VEX in college. But during high school, our team used to meet, on average, from 2 - 6 P.M. every day of the week. So that’s 20 hours a week. Granted we worked on FTC and independent projects alongside with VEX, but still. Wow.

I thought it worked the opposite way. I thought that was why so many of the best teams were home schooled?

Well, most do.

I live 1hr away from where we all meet, so my parents would not take me every day of the week.

We are different… We are also middle schooled…

Months before our competition , we usually meet twice , Tuesday and Thursday, roughly spending 6-7 hours. We only go to 2 Worlds qualifying Tournament . Asia and Singapore. Since Asia-pacific vex is about to start soon , we meet everyday except Sunday. From 9am to 9pm everyday except Sunday.

Is this dedicated to just VEX… or do you really want to know… because its a bit scary how much I volunteer and how many teams I mentor :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol yeah
if i was home schooled, i would do 10+ hrs a DAY doing robotics :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, being home-schooled has it’s benefits time-wise, we have more limitations money wise. we have to raise all the money ourselves (and generous sponsors are helpful). But as you probably know there is a big difference between in-meeting time, and think-about-the-robot time. We only meet about 6 hour a week, but we’re thinking about the robot basically all the rest of the time. :smiley:


I’d say our team’s work schedule is comparable to that of 575’s (makes sense since we’re part of the same club). The “regular” schedule is 2-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but there’s not much regularity to our build sessions with the number of competitions we participate in. I’d say 6 hours a week is minimum, while we often find ourselves working from 3-6 every day on the weekdays with additional 5 hour sessions on the weekend.

… And don’t even get me started on how much time is spent actually thinking about this stuff.

So yes, I would say it’s an obsession.

One challenge with coaching home-schooled teams is that the students aren’t all at the same place 5 days a week. Money is also an issue since the students and their families have to pay/raise everything needed for their team.

Like Jesse already said, we meet 3 hours/week with a couple extended meetings just prior to competition. When we attend our first competition on November 12th the teams will have had 30-35 hours of total meeting time. I’m very proud of how they have utilized their time and been able to compete at such a high level compared to teams that meet much more and have more resources available. Last year one of my two teams made it to the final match of every tournament we attending and we took home the Programming Skills and/or Robot Skills trophy for every tournament we attended except U.S. Nationals. Josh from Curahee was in a league of his own!

For the first time this year we also have a full competition field for practice. I’m expecting that will boost their performance as well.


I would like to know…

How many teams do you coach?

How many years have you been involved with some sort of robotics.

Have you earned any awards?

To be honest this was actually kind of the response that I was expecting for this question. Why?

Teams that aren’t obsessed usually don’t read vexforums.

Haha, sampling bias, very true.