Obvious Name Choice

This year’s game looks great, but the title is very lackluster. “In the Zone” just doesn’t do it for me. I propose that the game be renamed, “Cone Zone.” It just makes sense. Thoughts? Opinions? Alternative ideas?

A little off topic but vex missed a huge opportunity last year with the new Star Wars movie that came out…Star Battles anyone?

I think crazy cones or cone cluster would have been good for this year

I feel like this year’s game has a weird name, because it’s a prepositional phrase. My theory is that it was actually going to be called “Stackup,” but that was one of the game design competition entries, so they had to think of something else. It’s not impossible…

I was thinking the exact same thing

A few friends and I have already been calling it Cone Zone :smiley:

Although I love the name, they may have ran into a copyright issue if they named it that. Visual Edge put out this game a few years back.

Alright so officially it can not be called that but that does not mean we can’t call it thathaha

Oh. I am definitely going to call it that lol. I was just saying that’s why VEX couldn’t have named it that. Sorry for the confusion.

All good!

Cone Zone it is


Skyrise + Round Up = Sky Up? or Round Rise lol.

Round Up? :slight_smile:

Considering it’s very similar to the new game haha.
Might as well call it Cone Up or Cone Rise.

I completely forgot there was a game called roundup… Gosh I think I have a 10 second short-term memory xD

It happens xD and… Please, don’t be Dory from Finding Dory movie!

NBN + Round Up + Skyrise = Nothing but Sky Up



I have an old classroom game from VEX called Cone Zone. It’s a big plastic cone (not even close to being level) with a box of billiard balls. We never played it.