Oct 29 Northwest Maryland Competition

The Fourth Annual Northwest Maryland VEX Robotics Competition, featuring VEX Gateway, will be held in Westminster, Maryland this Saturday (October 29th). We have 38 teams competing (as of now). A significant number of those teams either won awards or made it into the divisional playoffs at World Championship last year, so there should be some great matches.

We will be webcasting the event starting at 9 AM (east coast time). The link to the webcast is:


An update- The correct URL is:

Quality is not so good, but the best we can do.

is there any way you could move the camera to see the other field too? but other than that its really cool

Sorry- we have two cameras. The switch operator was not paying attention.

We are on lunch break and working on the video settings. Will be back up at 12:30.

OK, was wondering why nothing was coming in…

Thanks for doing this.

Are there going to be any videos taken that will be put on You Tube?


nice match 51 jordan!
heres a tip: match load the objects yourself
even if that means you have to run around the court…
better than yelling at someone that doesnt know what they are doing :stuck_out_tongue:

great job on your win Jordan!
predicted this outcome as soon as you “Graciously accepted” :slight_smile:

finals 1: screen captured from the live u stream
mind the quality

It was a good competition with alot of good teams. All the teams did excellent.

thanks to teams 24C and 1727D. You were great partners.

Do you have any videos of the competition? Skills Challenges and such?

Nice, I like the typing sounds in the background. :smiley:

No,not this moment but we will post them when we have a chance

WOW! I am very impressed by 24c’s robot. Great job! They have a very fast drive, lift, and intake. Can’t wait to see more videos of it!!

Videos wont load for me, I’ll give it a shot later.

Anyone else having these problems?

Where are you having trouble uploading them to?

me and my teammates were discussing the game play at the time on msn ^^

and here is finals 2:

thats all i got!

Haha thanks murdomeek! I got the video for the third match. Happens to be the only one I got. COINCIDINK

Doesn’t know what they’re doing… well >:|