Odd Happenings at a Tournament

Hello everybody-

I found myself at a tournament just this last weekend, and something I’ve never seen before occurred. After their third qualification match (this was halfway through the 6 match schedule for each team), a team that was doing badly (and will remain nameless for the sake of privacy and respect) decided to leave. On their way out the door, they sent someone to tell the officials that they forfeited the tournament, got in their cars, and drove away. I am unaware of the circumstances (there may have been an emergency, they may have simply been upset with their record), but regardless this is something I have never seen. I have never seen a team forfeit a tournament in 8 or 9 years. Missing matches to perform repairs? Sure I’ve seen that. But just leaving is a surprising move. They left their partners alone in 2 vs. 1 matches for the rest of the qualification rounds. I was wondering if this was more common where you are from, because for the most part I’ve only competed in one area. What do you think about this?

This happened last year at the Seattle Prep Tournament, one team left simply becasue they were not doing good.

It does happen. Life throws curve balls and teams roll with it.