Odd reverse double 4 bar

I do not have any parts as of right now to build with but I was wondering if anyone has built something like this before. This year I am hoping to do a reverse double for bar with a regular for bar on the bottom but for the top part I am wanting to make a chain bar that we can mount are intake tray to. My question is if anyone has built something like this before, if you have I would like to know about any pointers/advice you had that may be helpfull before I start building. Thanks in advance.

This doesn’t sound too hard to do. I’m skeptical of the practicality of such a lift though.

While I’ve never built the 4-bar to chain bar lift described here, I have built a regular chain bar and a RD4B.

I would recommend powering the lift from both the middle stage and the bottom towers. This gives a even distribution of power throughout the system. Look at other DR4/6B as a guide for that. Make sure that the chain-bar is built with excellent build quality or there will be too much slop to be practical. The only real challenges are to get the chain properly tensioned and eliminating slop from the lift.

Just building a regular DR4B would be better in pretty much any way I can think of. There’s no reason to complicate the lift with a chain bar at the top.

I would be careful with chain bars (at least the design of chain bars that I know of). The force is no longer on the bars but on the axles and chain, which can lead to bent axles and slipping chain if there’s too much weight without enough other support. Unless you absolutely need the extra height, I would stick with just a 4 bar, or you could try making it a 6 bar if you need height. I think rd4b is excessive.

DR4B’s are difficult to build and are heavy. I am very confused why this lift keeps coming up in conversations. There is not a single reason I can think that a DR4B would be better than a simple bar or 4 bar.
Just to be clear, this is a DR4b, RD4B.

Excessively tall, heavy and complicated to be practical. Yes, it would work, but why not just hack it in half, lose 2/3rds of the weight and use a 4 bar?

This might change with the high strength axle future comparability?.. Sorta? Kinda?

Not sure, in fact not sure that HS compatible motors are even going to be a thing this year. I’m just regurgitating “club knowledge” that chain bars = bad :stuck_out_tongue: There’s probably a more technical explanation than that but that’s all I can provide you, sorry @TurboTech

Oh, I was kinda more looking at the new hs axle compatability with high strength sprockets. http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/products/whats-new?ref=tile

I just designed a scissor lift in solidworks that would easily reach the top of the pole and go over the fence.
Very compact and easy to build.