Odds of Stacks Tipping?

While browsing over initial thoughts on the game, I haven’t noticed anyone really discussing how to overcome stacks potentially tipping over. I would assume as stacks grow several cones high they would be subject to tip and fall apart if you were to accidentally give the stack a bump with a robot, or with goals that can wobble.

For anyone at worlds that may have stacked up a few and tested their stability, could you give the community your feedback on how this could affect game play in the coming months?

For other observers, how might you see this playing into making this game of speed and height truly challenging? What potential mechanisms could work to pick up tipped over cones and what driving precautions should be made while playing the game?

Edit: Also consider how crucial tipping could be in autonomous for regular VRC and VexU.

I mean I could very well see it being an early strategy to intentionally knock over single cones (not already scored ones) in order to prevent other teams from scoring during early season games. I would think that almost all worlds teams next year will have designed an intake or holding mechanism that can possess cones no matter their orientation

Also I was able to push around some of the mobile goals with cones on it, it is far more likely to just slide than it is to tip from what I could tell

Unlikely, if they are as heavy as indicated here on the forum. I saw 3.7 lbs in another thread and the vast majority of that would be in the base.

It is heavy to pick up however the base is quite smooth, making it really easy to slide

I printed a couple and added some weights to ensure its practically just like the real cone. From what I’ve seen they are fairly well balanced. They keep their position due to the large weight of the piece.

How many cones is possible to stack on one goal?

How tall can you make a robot?


It appears you have the answer to your original question then

But like theoretically


If you get the time, you should try shaking it and see if they fall off by shaking it.

That’s actually really helpful. Getting a base with cones on it into that 20-point zone (can we just call it the far zone?) is going to be really hard. Also I didn’t notice any curve/instability on the cones even when they were tilted like that so hopefully tall stacks will be quite stable.