Odom Tracking Overshoot

Our team had a competition this weekend where we had to travel 4+ hours. We had tested our odometry and skills runs the night before we left and they worked pretty consistently. We never changed anything to do with the odometry functions in the code but at the competition all our code was overshooting forward and backward distances by 3+ inches. Could this be an issue with the encoders breaking since we never changed our code that worked this whole season? Thanks

Most likely your encoder wheels were slipping a bit more at that field so maybe rubber banding them more would help. The encoders are probably fine, but the encoders wheel setup has to be extremely strong, with the wheels touching the ground at all times to be accurate and consistent. Since your angle is fine, your encoder wheels are probably parallel and strong already, its just the wheel slip (wheels off the ground) causing it to overshoot. Other than that, I really can’t say too much. There are definitely more teams on the forum with more experience.