Odometry using accelerometers

Any opinions on using accelerometers instead of encoders for odometry?

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It is bad. Position is the second integral of acceleration, so you will already built up error just with the integral. Add IMU drift into the equation and you will have a drastically incorrect position after just a few seconds. If you want this for driver control portion, that is never going to work based on how strange the IMU behaves when it is hit.

Many people including myself have tried this and it did not work out well. You are welcome to try it yourself and find out for yourself (it may help you pad your notebook), but my recommendation is to not waste your time.


I tried it and was unsuccessful. It worked theoretically like I could see the values change in the right direction but I think the sensor wasn’t able to update fast enough. While not too practical by itself for position tracking, it might work well in conjunction with other methods. But if you figure it out, do not hesitate to share your success


Would it be possible to use IMUs in phase?