Odometry VS GPS

I have recently found out that the spin-up fields have the GPS strips built in. I Fully understand odometry, and have no trouble implementing it. I was hoping to get some info, on both how likely are teams to get the full new field, and whether it is worth using the GPS instead of using odometry. Thanks in advance

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The decision to use GPS or odometry ultimately will be up to you, but let’s clarify the fields a little bit:

The new portable field perimeters have built-in GPS strips, while the metal competition field perimeters can be equipped with GPS strips attached with velcro. Either type of field perimeter can be used for the spin-up game. If you decide to use GPS at an event, it would be wise to review with the EP to see if the GPS strips, or a portable field, will be used for competition or only available for skills. Since the implementation of GPS is still new, it is likely you will find local events that do not have GPS strips on every field, or are not using only portable fields with the built-in strips.


Which usually is the case, as they are (correct me if this has recently changed) only required for programming skills (but usually left on for driving skills).


Yes, this is the current requirement for this season. Our organization is beginning to switch to portafields for everything, because I don’t want to deal with all the issues of the stick-on Velcro strips. If you come to our RiverBots signature event, you will probably see porta fields for all competition and skills, and our old metal perimeters being used for practice fields (with the GPS strips attached as best as they will hang on given the “less than great” method provided by vex)


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