Odometry vs PID

I know PID and Odometry isnt common in IQ, as I think its mainly in EDR, but which one is EASIER for someone in IQ[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=1 chartType=bar]

  • Odometry
  • PID

Definitely PID. Odometry requires much more infrastructure which might be hard to do in IQ

On a side note, odometry and PID are not mutually exclusive: they do completely different things and typically enhances each other.


Has anyone done the I and D in VexCode Blocks?

I have looked into the I, but have never found good enough reason to do it (as I’ve never been super interested in coding). Usually a P loop works fine for me. I might try it sometime though. Why do you ask?

Is it possible to do Odometry in IQ? When our team was doing IQ, we implement PID control. At that time we wanted to see if we could do odometry, but to my knowledge there isn’t a way to implement the tracking wheel in IQ without using up 2 regular motors which count against the 6 motor limit.

I just have never seen it done. I have thought about how to accomplish it, but am not familiar enough with the innerworkings to figure it out, which certainly puts it above the head of almost any student at the VIQ level.

It is definitely possible.

We were using this code to regulate flywheell rpm both in auton and driver control. After testing we ended up realising that a flywheel itself was a bad idea so we went with now building a catapult


sorry for the code being 2 pictures, it is a bit too long to fit on one

the myblock itself is kept in a while loop when it is called, not the myblock code


So it would still be odometry if you did it with the powered wheels on the drive train using regular motor encoders. There are big accuracy benefits to using unpowered encoder wheels so using motors might not be accurate enough to be useful in IQ.


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