off road vex

u guys have any ideas on how to build a off road vex?

plz reply…thanks:)

Use the tall wheels, gear down the motors, and get everything as far up as possible.

the problem with gearing down the motors it slows down so much it takes about 10 minutes to go a foot. Trust me i tried :slight_smile:

I understand that it might get slow but thats what you’d probably have to do. Another possiblity is gearing the motors down less and useing two motors to power each wheel.

How far down did you gear the motors?:eek:

Check out my off-road Gilbert III Explorer robot in action exploring my backyard at a relatively fast speed for its size. The Vex geared 4WD-drive train, which now uses 4 standard Vex motors has no problems moving about the lawn and can even carry the weight of a laptop.

I also added a surplus CCD Video Camera to the Tilt/Pan, which I found at the Electronics Surplus Store in Manchester NH. InfraRed LEDs (IR) will enable Gilbert III to carry out its night watchman mission around my home. The Tilt/Pan Platform mechanism provides a very smooth 0:360 Degree pan using the 5 Volt Geared DC Motor with a 100 CPR Optical Encoder attached to the input shaft, which I also found at the Electronics Surplus Store in Manchester NH.

Sturdy aluminum plates shown in the photo provide body armor for Gilbert III’s gears, motors and electronics while traveling through rough terrain. I used an 8” drill press to drill holes on the plates in order to match the Vex parts.

1 to 25 i think maybe that was pushing the limits but it bused over a hundred pounds. :smiley:

100lbs are you sure. That seems like a little much to me. I feel the vex wheeels themselves would lose traction pushing that weight.

I tried making one with an articulating system a while back. It worked ok but would get high centered if I wasn’t careful. I meshed a 60 to a 36 and used two motors for the drive. I had pretty good speed and it would go over every thing I wanted it to.

I put 40 pounds of weights on the robot to minimize slipping.

with that much weight aren’t you pushing your frame to the extreme? And your probably not doing your motors much good

well 1 to 25 ratio is fine but a 25 to 1 ratio will kill ur motors and any way i was wrong it was a 1 to 625 ratio as crazy as that sounds.

I was alyays told that the more weight being pushed, the more traction

its the more weight the chassis has the more traction that is why i put weights on the robot.

if u ask me i think the chassie woud just buckle and claps with 100lb vex woud not move at all

but i only put 40 pounds of wait on it that is not that much

40lbs is still a lot of weight for a robot. wait=to stop, weight = is the amount of force gravity exerts on a certain amount of mass.

Ok so, 100lbs is a big lie and we all know it b/c no chassis you make out of VEX will hold it unless you use about 5 starter kits and 40 lbs probably won’t either, maayybbbeee 25lbs, but that would have to be a very structured chassis. The added weight would make it alot better though. As for gear reduction, I would say that with the weight you really don’t need it that low, 1:1 or even 1:3 would be fine. It really depends what kind of off-roading you’re doing.

i just want to tell u i’m not lieing i am dead serios it pushed 100 pounds with 40 pounds of it on the robot.

Why did you gear the motors down so low? was there a real reason?