Off Season Event - RoboRally 1 - "Over Under"

Osbourn Park High School will be hosting the first annual RoboRally. This off season event will feature the new game “Over Under.” Follow the link to find the game manual. This game will be a fast and fun racing game, with a couple of objectives beyond making laps. The game layout is attached

The game manual can be found at the following link

The game will be hosted at Osbourn Park High School, Manassas VA, on May 15th. Registration will be posted on

Post any questions on game rules here. Updates will be posted as questions are answered.
RoboRally 1 - bigger.jpg

Looking forward to it!

Rules Clarifications

Lifting Attempt

• If the robot stops responding while on an opposing alliance ramp during a match, will they be penalized if opposing alliance attempts to lift the ramp
o Yes, they are on the opposing alliance during a lift attempt

• If the robot stops responding during a lifting attempt, will it still be a penalty for opposing alliance to be on the ramp
o Yes, they are on the opposing alliance during a lift attempt

• Can a robot be on the ramp while attempting to lift the ramp
o Yes as long as they are attempting to lift from the 4”x2” opening

• Can a robot drive under the ramp as a lifting attempt
o Assuming they drive under the 4”x2” opening, and not through the open side, then yes

• If the robot stops responding while on the Overpass, will the opposing alliance receive a penalty for pushing them off
o Yes, pushing opposing alliance off the Overpass is a penalty

• Is pushing an opposing alliance robot off the Overpass and onto a ramp a penalty
o No, pushing off the Overpass means the robot will fall to the ground


I can recreate the field diagram of this very creative off-season game in full 3D of the quality you will see in the official Vex animations. I’ve created 3D scenes for use as still web and print logos, T-shirts, banners, etc. for other Vex teams. My rates are actually quite reasonable.

If your interested see

Good luck to all teams that are participating in this off-season game!
Cody Smith
Polynomic 3D

Thanks for the info Cody.

More updates


For the first year, in an attempt to keep it simple, only awards will be for the winning alliance, and the finalist alliance.

No engineering note books required, no talking to judges required, and so forth. In future years we plan on adding additional awards.

I may have missed it but where are the starting positions?

They are the 2 blue and 2 red squares inside the field. One red and one blue start on each side of the field. Those squares are representative of a red/blue foam tile.

I hope to see your team there Jon, the twisted botz always impresses

James - Do you want rules Q&A and any suggested updates to be discussed in this thread, or through some other medium (so that only final info get posted in this thread)? - Blake

You can post any questions you have here, and I will answer them here as well. I posted an update above, and also will have photos of the field elements up soon.

Being only 3 weeks after Worlds, I am not sure if we could have a robot ready.

I am worried that Line Following robots will have unnecessary trouble tracking the white lines in the corners of the field if red and blue tiles are actually used there.

Will the real field use those colored tiles in its corners?


Will the real field’s sides be open as is shown in the illustrations of the field, or are the fields walls removed from the illustrations just so that we can see the playing surface better?

PS: I have field perimeter panels we can use if you are running short on panels.

I am worried that line Tracking Robots will have find turning the 90 degreee corners of the currently layout very hard to do at reasonablely high speeds.

I suggest changing those corners so that they use a couple of 45 degree corners, or three 30 degree corners, instead of one 90 degree corner.


Is the event listed in the RobotEvents site yet? - I couldn’t find it yet.

Rules tell us that the ramps are made of 1/4 plywood; but with that said, I’m not 100% certain whether or not that 1/4" plywood will be covered by foam tiles, or will be painted, or will be raw (ply)wood, or will have grip tape strips on it , or …

What will the ramp surface be?

What is the distance from the entrance/exit of the tunnel to the center line of the goal post holding the racquetballs?

Is the Goal post made out of wood 2x4s?

Please publish an illustration (a straight-down top view would probably work well) that shows the distances between the field features and the whitelines, as well as the distances between the lines themselves.

If this can easily described in words instead of a drawing, then a drawing isn’t required.

The colored arrows shown on top of the tunnel could mean that each alliance has one whiteline figure 8 assigned for their use and that the other alliance should stay off of that line. Is there any sort of allocation of the lines to the alliances?

The colored arrows shown on top of the tunnel could mean that each alliance has to drive on their assigned side of the “road” when driving around the track. Is this the case or may any robot drive in any direction or location with impunity so long as they don’t trigger the penalty associated with their lap line?

During the autonomous period (or whenever a robot initially moves) do the robots receive 2 points the first time they cross their lap line, even though they have not completed a true lap around the track?

To earn points for making a lap, does the robot have to fully cross over the lap line (go past the colored bar and be fully over the grey tiles beyond the lap line), or will a robot partially across the line get the points?

If a robot partially across its lap line will reveive points, will a robot that has crossed any part of the lap line get points for making a lap, or must some part of the robot be fully across the line?