Off Season Event - RoboRally 1 - "Over Under"

Sorry Blake, I didn’t answer your questions earlier. I kept checking back, and forgetting to look at the next page, lol.

I am worried that Line Following robots will have unnecessary trouble tracking the white lines in the corners of the field if red and blue tiles are actually used there.

Will the real field use those colored tiles in its corners?
• Real field colored tiles will be used. **

Will the real field’s sides be open as is shown in the illustrations of the field, or are the fields walls removed from the illustrations just so that we can see the playing surface better?

• Walls are removed for viewing the playing surface only. Actual game will have walls in place

I am worried that line Tracking Robots will have find turning the 90 degreee corners of the currently layout very hard to do at reasonablely high speeds.

I suggest changing those corners so that they use a couple of 45 degree corners, or three 30 degree corners, instead of one 90 degree corner.

• I admit that this may cause problems traveling at high speed, but that is a fun part for the students to solve

Is the event listed in the RobotEvents site yet? - I couldn’t find it yet.

• No, not sure why yet, working on it

Rules tell us that the ramps are made of 1/4 plywood; but with that said, I’m not 100% certain whether or not that 1/4" plywood will be covered by foam tiles, or will be painted, or will be raw (ply)wood, or will have grip tape strips on it , or …

What will the ramp surface be?

• They will be painted. Ramp is just a painted plywood surface.**

What is the distance from the entrance/exit of the tunnel to the center line of the goal post holding the racquetballs?

Is the Goal post made out of wood 2x4s?

• 22” inches from the goal is the start of the tunnel. Goal posts are made out of 1x3 wood.

Please publish an illustration (a straight-down top view would probably work well) that shows the distances between the field features and the whitelines, as well as the distances between the lines themselves.

If this can easily described in words instead of a drawing, then a drawing isn’t required.

• I will get on top of this

The colored arrows shown on top of the tunnel could mean that each alliance has one whiteline figure 8 assigned for their use and that the other alliance should stay off of that line. Is there any sort of allocation of the lines to the alliances?

The colored arrows shown on top of the tunnel could mean that each alliance has to drive on their assigned side of the “road” when driving around the track. Is this the case or may any robot drive in any direction or location with impunity so long as they don’t trigger the penalty associated with their lap line?

• The lines can be used by anyone. The colored arrow just indicates what direction they are headed.**

During the autonomous period (or whenever a robot initially moves) do the robots receive 2 points the first time they cross their lap line, even though they have not completed a true lap around the track?

**• Yes, crossing a lap marker at any time will give 2 points, even during autonomous. **

To earn points for making a lap, does the robot have to fully cross over the lap line (go past the colored bar and be fully over the grey tiles beyond the lap line), or will a robot partially across the line get the points?

If a robot partially across its lap line will reveive points, will a robot that has crossed any part of the lap line get points for making a lap, or must some part of the robot be fully across the line?

• A robot must fully cross a lap line to receive points. So if the robot stops on the lap line, then it will not receive 2 points.

Here are some pictures of the field elements.

The ramp took only about 6 pounds of vertical force to lift up.

The ramp has two bars to give it some support and less bend.
Ramps and Overpass.jpg
OverPass with Bar.jpg
Ramp Lifted.jpg
Tunnel 2.jpg
Ramp with back support.jpg

Ok here is the top down view with measurements for the lines.

The distance between the lines is 12" from the wall on each side, and 24" inches between the lines. The only time this is not the case is when going around the corner to get into the tunnel. The drawing isn’t completely to scale, but if there is any confusion, please ask.
RoboRally 1 - bigger - top down.jpg

**I want to mention another rules clarification. Earlier I had posted this response
During the autonomous period (or whenever a robot initially moves) do the robots receive 2 points the first time they cross their lap line, even though they have not completed a true lap around the track?

• Yes, crossing a lap marker at any time will give 2 points, even during autonomous.

**Well that refers to the beginning set up only. If a robot falls off the over pass, in theory they could make shorted laps, but this would not count as a full lap and would receive no points. **

Looks like getting this up on Robotevents isn’t going to happen. So if you would like to register please email me ( Registration is $50, check (Osbourn Park High School) or cash at the door.

Team Name:
Team Number:

Tentative schedule is below

7:00 - Doors open
7:30 - 9:00 - Practice time on field
9:00 - 9:15 - Opening ceremony
9:15 - 3:00 - Qualifiers matches
3:00 - 3:15 - Alliance selection
3:15 - 5:00 - Elimination matches and closing ceremony

Here is a picture of the trophies your team could win.

Field fully assembled and here are some pictures.

Note you can get a ball looped a max of three times, the little bit of slack left over isnt enough for one more loop.

Another note, a vexplorer had no difficulty getting up the ramp, though the vexplorer is super slow going around the track.
Blue-Red Balls.jpg
Field - Blue Ramp.jpg
Field - Red Ramp.jpg

I expected the piano hinge to be on the bottom side of the ramp - Or perhaps to be on the top, but with the bump of the hinge on the bottom side of the hinge, so that the area where the ramp meets the platform would be smooth.


[EDIT]Now that I take a second look I’m not sure if the bump side of the hinge is up or down - Can you clarifiy that for us?[/EDIT]

PS: Looking forward to it!

The bump is pointed up, the vexplorer had no problem traveling over it. In retrospect I would have designed it a little bit differently, but it works.

I got to say, I am excited to see what designs teams came up with.

Vexplorer wheels and omniwheels are not the same thing… - Oh well too late to worry much about it now.

At least I had sense enough to align the transverse wheels with the points of contact for the other wheels - That may save me.

If I get this brick outhouse programmed in time it will be interesting to see how it behaves.


Yea I have no idea how well omni wheels can go up the ramp, but at least push comes to show if it doesnt work you could quickly take them off and replace them with regular wheels.

I tried it today; and the result was…

EPIC FAILURE!!! :eek::confused::mad::rolleyes:

It’s too heavy to operate well on the foam the wheels sink too much and I don’t have enough left (after loaning several out) to double up on the drive wheels. Even on concrete the drive wheels get less purchase than the steering wheels.

I wanted to be able to smoothly swing either the nose or tail from side to side while driving mostly straight ahead under the guidance of line tracking sensors at the nose and tail. No such luck yet.

Maybe if I double up on all the wheels??? Maybe if I reverse the roles of the driving and steering wheels???

Regardless, maybe I can salvage an ordinary, but agile squarebot out of the debris of my shattered dreams :wink:

… and build it, and program it, and put a ball wrapper on it, and get it up a ramp, and practice driving it… before Saturday.

See ya then,

Ouch, that sucks. At least you discovered it now and not at the event.

Great job today everyone! - Thanks for a fun day

James - Thank You for coordinating the entire event and for devising the the fun game!