Off-season Events

Does anyone here host off-season competitions while they wait for the next school year to start? Or does everyone just immediately start focusing on the next season’s game?

Even if the game releases the last day at Worlds, I guess I always enjoyed having an offseason.

Felt while it’s fun to get ahead of the game and start immediately planning for next year, I enjoyed getting new students involved by learning things from a non-traditional game.

DIg right into the new season! Vex Team Virus will be hosting the MCCC/Monroe County Fair VEX qualifier on Saturday, August 5. The earliest and most unique event in Michigan: compete all day under the big entertainment tent, then enjoy an evening at the fair.

There’s no better way to learn the strategy of the game than to compete. Consider challenging your team to a RI3D (or Robot in a Week) over the summer, then come to Monroe, Michigan for competition!

Our teams will most likely be there!