Off-Season Projects

For teams who will not be attending worlds, or want something to do during their down time, what are some engaging and interesting projects?

For reference, I have one student building a double wishbone suspension chassis (To make his own RC car), another making a rubber band gun turret with vision tracking, and another building, testing, and automating a mechanum drivebase for possible future use.

This topic has already been brought up on these posts :

Themes include:
Programming: Vision, PID, Odometry, Different autonomous challenges,
Building (VRC): Drivetrains variations/optimization, passive mechanisms, a good DR4B.
Building (non-VRC): Bottle flipping, turret,
Organization: Paint your screws, battery charging stations, study design notebooks, improve recruitment, [banner / patch / website] design.

Maybe even weekly competitions (new game, 1 week to build, compete against other teams in your org),

What do you all have to do?


Our current plan for over the summer is to build things that we don’t have the experience of building before, even if they won’t be used next season. Currently, we have our eyes on a flywheel ball launcher and a transmission drive. We did this last year, with the X-drive, and ended up using it this year because we loved it so much in the summer. Even if you don’t end up using it, having the experience of building it for later seasons is always a bonus.

We also used the summer last year to learn how to use the V5 system. While this was fairly large scale, we also transitioned from block programming to text, so either learning a new programming language or more advanced techniques would also help.


me and a couple of other teams are trying to make the worlds fastes RC car out of vex parts right now. Its a collaborative effort and you can help by joining this discord server


NRC for me if I dont make it.

Im making a robot using V5 hardware that will autonomously navigate to the office and pick up my teachers’ mail without the use of any controllers, as a test of using distance sensors and the inertial sensor.


I dunno really, I’m working on the fast rc car thing when my season ends, then I’m going to build an all terrain chassis

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mostly testing fast gear ratios for V5 motors possible drone comeing from personal classroom set
I might start a go fund me for buying the vex bros to help me with the drone
btw DM me for drone updates DO NOT BRING THE THREAD BACK


Did someone say drone?


I am very certain a VEX Drone is possible. Nothing says the drone has to be a quadcopter, so you can technically build a VRC airplane and it would probably work :slight_smile:

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The biggest problem with a vex drone would be maintaining controller connection. Lose connection, whitescreen, or lose a motor to esd and you can kiss that drone goodbye

That’s why you slap a parachute in it

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