Offensive Vs. Defensive Robot

What type strategy will your teams be using in the design of your robot. Will you be focusing mainly on offense or defense? Give your ideas in the thread below.

offensive if you can simply outscore your opponets
defensive on their best robot/strategy stuff if you have a weak alliance partner
strategy stuff if they are a “special” robot (wall/ super dumper, super stacker, ect ect)

We were all-out offensive last year, but since descoring is allowed this year, I think we’ll be a little of both, depending on how the match plays out.

“Scoring more points than your opponent is the key to winning those tough games.” ~ John Madden

fixed :wink:
but yeah, it can go both ways

Considering that the robot which really made the difference on the world-winning alliance was defensive, I wouldn’t necessarily say that

That defensive robot made it possible for its offensive ally to score more points than the opponent.

My team will probably have a multi-purpose bot again (able to play offense or defense, depending on the situation). We’re not going to be uber inclined either way, so we could meld well with many different allies.

I wonder if my idea for a mega hoarder will work? Sort of like 1103’s 2010 robot only with a bigger capacity.

I intend my robot to be an offensive robot with descoring capabilities.

I plan on doing this also, seems like the best strategy.

Thats what we’ll be doing too.

I think a good technique for this game is having a defensive robot that can also play offense. Some good comparisons from gateway would be teams like 44, 1492A, 404E, 10D.

Defensive robot can counter-attack and have the potential to transfer those gathered points from opponents trough to its own during critical time. I had been discussing about choosing a offensive or defensive bots with members and coach but we had different interpretation about what a defensive bot really is for this years game… at least for now.

Wall-bot is more useful this year since the goals are not scattered around the field like last year. Having a fence-bot with extendable fences on one side of the trough can also distance opponent’s bot on the other side from scoring…

Defensive bots doesn’t necessary means it just block others from scoring, plus an offensive bot sounds more like a regular scoring bot to me.
Please thumbs up for defensive bot!:slight_smile:

My inclination is that, there will be very few specifically offensive/defensive bots by the end year due to the vast amount of things to do.

Mainly defensive robots do seem less formidable from years past because of the scoring capabilities applied to this game.
I would like to see a purely defensive bot that can limit some very fast dual strategy bots that have a plethora of room to use as an escape route.

I foresee an offensive minded start to the season and then the counters which are always fun to see of course.:stuck_out_tongue:

In a game like this, would descoring be considered offense, or defense? My team defines defense as blocking, ramming, pushing, or obstructing to stop opponent robots from executing their strategy. Descoring focusses more on decreasing what your opponent has already scored, much like using the Negation Barrel in Gateway. We consider descoring to be an offensive move, as both it and scoring can be defended against by pushing or blocking.

I may be reading this wrong but has anyone else noticed that the poll says 51.52% offense +9.09% defense +51.52% mixed adding up to 112.13%

Perhaps someone found a way to vote twice? I don’t know what other explanation there would be. There are 38 votes, but only 34 voters…

But that still shouldn’t change the way the math works, unless the percentage is calculated by dividing by the number of voters not by the number of votes (which would be an oversight)

The type of poll chosen allows people to select more than one answer.

Or how about a robot that siddently covers the trough with a container when the opponent is dumping sacks down. I would say that is prone to be a defensive bot, since if offensive bot does that then offensive bot can mean moni-bot. Descoring doesn’t necessary means to score again so it’s hard to say descoring is a type of offensive strategy.

The 30 inches goal which worth the most points seems easier to get blocked (defense) than scored (offense)…